Showing New Strengths of the Products, Inviting Partners to Enjoy the NAB Show

Showing New Strengths of the Products, Inviting Partners to Enjoy the NAB Show

April is the best time of a year. In this beautiful spring, National Association Broadcasters (NAB) show which has the international influence will be solemnly held in Las Vegas during April 13-16, 2015. It will show the development and tendency of the world's broadcasting and TV industry. DDMALL will participate with its new products. At the SouthHall (lower) SL15817, we will respectfully wait for your coming.

"4K" firstly appeared in cinemas. Its definition derives from Hollywood and has deep roots with broadcasting. The Hobbits, Coming Home, Fleet of Time and other 4K film had finished shooting one by one; 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil successfully adopts 4K rebroadcast, and world-class corporations, represented by Huawei launched the convenient 4K transmission project, all of these escalate 4K's influence in the whole industry. After analyzed audio-visual industry's enthusiasm towards 4K products, we even believe that 4K can be the next head of broadcasting and TV industry. This NAB show, the 4K classic image processing products will be shown which are suitable for broadcasting and TV industry to all the participators and let the world see the image processing part of 4K industrial chain is already successfully linked.

Besides the attractive 4K UHD technology, DDMALL will select the most beneficial products and solution for broadcasting and TV industry, such as encoding and decoding technology, optical technology, HDBaseT technology, and others will show to participators. DDMALL wishes this great technology can win support among people, and create more value for users. Broadcasting and TV industry cannot leave the signals' process. DDMALL's products and technology can help people in this area to optimize the working process, to improve work efficiency, and to use machines instead of hands to deal with the faster and faster working and living pace.

DDMALL is expecting to meet you in the beautiful April Las Vegas, and to create and share development with you. We will sincerely meet your demands; create values for you by our actual strengths and support your business with all-round service.
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