DDMALL HEV-10 H.265 H.264 Live Streaming Encoder, 4K@60Hz HDMI Input, Real Time 4K Local Loopout HDMI Video Encoder

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Quick Overview:

【Energy-Efficient & USB-Powered】ultra low power consumption (only 3.4W); the live streaming encoder accepts power from USB port of signal source or mobile power bank with power adapter-free. 

【True 4K Video Input】HDMI inputs up to 4K@60Hz; 4K video local loopout in up to 4K@60Hz with zero delay. stream outputs at up to16Mbps in 1080p with H.265 or H.264; the HDMI video encoder supports protocols like SRT, HLS, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, RTP, TCP, UDP, DDNS, Multicast, Unicast

【One-Click to Go Live】support one-click to start or stop live streaming by pressing the set button on the HDMI IP encoder; it is vital to instantly start/stop the streaming at any time in many live broadcast events. 

【Remote Control & Stream on Internet】support DDNS; you can easily control the HDMI encoder via domain remotely on public Internet and setup video transmission without any third-party live platform get involved 

【Stream Live on Multiple Platforms】the live video encoder allows to simultaneously go live to up to 4 platforms with RTMP, RTMPS, or SRT protocol; compatible with YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Dacast, Microsoft stream, wowza, IPTV and more



DDMALL Technology

DDMALL Technology is the proprietary brand of Atel Technologies Co., Ltd. As a direct manufacturer and exporter with strong R&D strength, we have been dedicated to providing hardware video codec solutions for over 20years. Foot on video over IP industry, we have developed a series of hardware HDMI over Ethernet transmitters, extenders, live video encoders, decoders, AV over IP matrix, A/V processors, matrix switchers, HDMI cables etc. To meet the ever growing segmented market demands and keep our customers one-step ahead in the market, we will stay innovative and sharpen our technology to provide more versatile, reliable, stable but less cost and carbon footage solutions for video transmission, distribution and live streaming.

HDMI video encoder


SRT Encoder 

HEV-10 is compact in size and USB-powered encoder, support SRT protocol, the live streaming encoder deliver secure, reliable and high-quality low latency video with HEVC H.265 or AVC H.264 SRT protocol. No matter how bad your network condition is, say no to packet loss, jitter and fluctuating bandwidth. 





low power IP encoder


True 4K HDMI Input and Local Loopout

the HDMI encoder HDMI inputs up to 4K@60 and local loopout in 4K@60; experience tru 4K high quality clarity and monitor your video locally and conveniently.  the IP encoder encoding outputs at video bitrate up to 16Mbps. enjoy your high quality video with ease. 





portable video encoder


One-Click to Go Live

with the multi-function buttion, the live streaming encoder enables one-click to start/stop your streaming at any time you wish to. you can do you live video with ease and interact with your audience in the way you wish to. 



Key Features 

• H.265/HEVC and H.264/AVC HDMI video encoder. 

• HDMI inputs up to 2160p60 and encoding outputs up to 1080p30 at up to 16Mbps. 

• True 4K loopout: the streaming encoder supports HDMI loopout at up to 2160p60; you can easily monitor your video status locally. 

• User-friendly web UI: you can load the configure the IP encoder by any web-enabled device. manage your encoder when you wish you. 

• Reliable quality: the live encoder supports 24/7 working durance.

• Ultra-low power consumption of 3.4W—carbon footage reduced by universal USB connection for power supply. the live streaming encoder can work longer by same power consumption. 

• Remote control and streams on Internet: you can remotely control the video encoder through domain, and setup video transmission on public Internet.

• OSD setting: add logo/text/image to any position of the video for output display.

• Streams to multiple platforms: simultaneously stream to up to 4 platforms like YouTbe, Facebook, Twitch, Wowza, Vimeo and more. 

• Various protocols: SRT, HLS, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, RTP, UDP, TCP, Multicast and Unicast. when it works as a SRT encoder, it delivers secure, reliable, high quality video in low latency.

• One-click to go live: start/stop the streaming at any time as you wish. absolutely agile your streaming workflow greatly. 


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hdmi streaming encoder