HDMI IR Extender(100m)

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Quick Overview:The HE-20IR extends HDMI signal up to 330ft (100m) from HDMI source to an display over a single CAT5e/CAT6 cable, while maintaining superior video and audio quality. It is compliant with HDCP and EDID to enhance Deep Color and optimal resolutions up to 1080p/60. No bulky power adapters needed. No more cables getting in the way. Just plug and play. It is specially designed to make HDMI transmission simple and easy.

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HDMI Extender over Single CAT5e/CAT6 Cable with Remote IR Control

Simple, Powerful and Reliable

This compact HDMI extender kit can extend an HDMI source to a display up to 330 feet away over a single CAT5e/6/7 cabling, while maintaining crystal clear video and audio quality. It is USB-Powered, no AC power adapters needed. For added versatility, both the transmitter and the receiver can be powered by the same power source using POC (Power Over Cable), which is perfect for extending to areas where power outlet may be limited.

Powerful Features:

• Compact size for tidy and smooth installation
• 330ft Lossless extension at Full HD 1080p
• No signal loss, no video latency
• IR remote control supported
• USB-Powered for easy powering
• Plug and play
• No extra HDMI cables needed• Auto EDID emulation technology ensures maximum resolution and compatibility with your display or projector

Quality You Can Count On

The stability and reliability of this extender makes it an ideal solution for many applications.

• Church Projection Systems
• Home Audio-Video Systems
• Digital Signage
• Meeting Room Display
• Auditorium
• Public and Private exhibitions
• Pro AV Systems and more

Mini Size

Size: 0.79×0.79×2.17in, Weight: 0.71oz. Compact design that keeps the surrounding neat and organized. It can be hidden on the back of TV, projector and various devices simply.


• Extension Range: Max. 330ft at 1080p
• Compatible with HDMI 1.4 & HDCP 1.2
• Power Consumption: 1.7W (Each Unit)
• Support 20~60KHz wide frequency IR remote control
• Operating Temperature: -10℃~50℃ (14℉~122℉)

Save Your Money

One CAT5e/CAT6 cable does the job, HDMI signal transmission has never been so easy. Extending HDMI with one CAT5e/CAT6 cable reduces potential failure points while also lowering your cost in cabling.

What You Get

• 1× HDMI Transmitter
• 1× HDMI Receiver
• 1× IR Blaster
• 1× IR Receiver
• 2× Micro USB to IR and Power Cables
• 2× Micro USB to IR and Power Cabl1× User Manual


• This kit is point to point and comes with one Transmitter and one Receiver. It is not meant to work through routers or network switches. 

✔ [1080P 330FT LOSSLESS EXTENSION]With this compact HDMI extender kit, you can easily extend HDMI video/audio from your HDMI source to a remote display up to 330ft over a single CAT5/CAT5e/CAT6 cable. Maximum resolutions up to 1920×1080p@60Hz. It allows for single cable installation, for seamless integration using existing CAT5, CAT5e or CAT6 infrastructure, avoiding the hassle of running multiple Ethernet cables, while reducing potential failure points.

✔ [IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCE] Built-in Automatic EDID Emulation technology allows the extender to copy EDID information from EDID compliant displays and assures accurate display performance, with no manual configuration needed. It features real time transmission with ZERO signal degradation and ZERO bit reduction. You will be amazed at how this mini extender kit show you the Full HD video with super stability and reliability, even at 330ft/100m away from your HDMI source.

✔ [IR REMOTE CONTROL] It supports 20~60KHz wide frequency IR remote control, which means you can control a DVD player or other HDMI source device from a remote location with the included IR cables that forward commands over a CAT5e/6 cable for convenience. What's in the Box: 1× HDMI Transmitter, 1× HDMI Receiver, 2× micro USB to IR and Power Cables, 1× IR Blaster, 1× IR Receiver, User Manual.

✔ [SIMPLIFY INSTALLATION] This extender kit features all-in-one design that connects directly to your video source and display, reducing clutter by eliminating the need for extra HDMI cables. It can be powered from any basic USB connections (e.g. a USB port on media box, TV, projector, etc.), no proprietary AC power adapter needed. This makes it perfect for projection system, digital signage, home A/V system and extending from areas where power outlet may be limited.

✔ [ENERGY-EFFICIENT] Featuring ultra low power consumption at only 1.7W, this mini extender uses about 80% LESS power than traditional extenders. This means you are using less energy to do the same job, reducing your home's or office’s energy waste and saving money. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: All our extenders are guaranteed by 2-YEAR worry-free manufacturer warranty and lifetime customer support. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Item Transmitter(T) Receiver(R)
Max.Resolution 1920x1200p@60Hz
Max.Transmission Distance 330ft(100m),Using CAT6 Cable
HDCP Compatibility HDCP 1.2
HDMI Standard HDMI 1.4
Input Connector HDMI Type-A RJ-45
Output Connector RJ-45 HDMI Type-A
IR Pass-thru One-way
IR Signal 20~60KHz IR devices supported
Power Supply DC 5V 1A(Micro USB Supply)
Power Consumption 1.7W(Each Unit)
Net Weight 40g(Pair)

Note:Specifications are subject to change without notice.