Wireless H.265 HDMI Encoder

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Quick Overview:The HEV-2KW is a small-sized, cost-effective and reliable wireless HEVC encoder, enabling broadcasters and other content creators to transmit high quality video on-the-go. It features a maximum of 1080i60/1080p60 HDMI input, and has both the newer H.265 video codec as well as the H.264 codec in the same unit.

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Featuring ultra low power consumption of only 2.2W, this portable encoder uses about 80% LESS power than traditional encoders. It can be powered by any basic USB connections, this allows you to do live streaming continuously (even 24/7) as long as you have an USB power source.

Easy Hookup and Setup

Weighing only 0.04lb and sizing only 3.0×1.2× 0.5in. This stand-alone wireless encoder is small enough for you to take it anywhere. Say goodbye to bulky AC adapter and connection hassles, we've got you covered.

USB-C Compatible

Works with USB-C equipped source devices such as laptops, tablets, enabling you to produce and stream content from your portable devices. With driver-free set up, you will be live on YouTube, Facebook and more in a snap.

Reminder: The USB-C to HDMI adapter is included.

Ready to Play: No Driver Needed

Tired of installing software? Don't you worry. This portable wireless encoder doesn't require driver installation. It is controlled via login-protected web-based user interface, which is accessible on any web-enabled devices, such as PCs, tablets and mobile phones. This allows you to remote control your encoder without having to install external software.


✔ [WIRELESS LIVE STREAMING ENCODER] This portable wireless video encoder is built for easy, live HD video streaming from anywhere to YouTube, Facebook or other content delivery networks and content management systems over WI-FI or hotspot connectivity. It features a maximum of 1080i/1080p60 HDMI input, and has both the newer H.265 codec as well as the H.264 codec in the same small unit. It has built-in strong internal antenna for wireless connection, eliminates the need for external antenna.

✔ [ULTRA-PORTABLE] Weighing only 0.04lb and sizing only 3.0×1.2×0.5in. This pocket-sized, all-in-one encoder fits in any kit, or even your pocket. It is designed to be compact enough for you to take anywhere. So you can go live streaming your content whenever you want, without having to carry additional bulky equipment. CONNECTORS: 1× HDMI Type-A Male Connector (up to 1080i60/1080p60 input supported), 1× 3.5mm ear-jack, 1× Micro USB Power Port, 1× Multi-function Button (start/stop streaming).

✔ [SIMPLE-TO-USE] This portable encoder is controlled via web-based user interface, which you can access through its IP address and configure everything, e.g. resolutions, bitrates, and more through a common browser on your mobile phone, PC and tablet, with no external software installation needed. It also features a built-in multi-function button that allows you to start and stop streaming by pressing the button simply.

✔ [ENERGY-EFFICIENT] Most battery-powered encoders only give users two or even less hours of continues streaming. This encoder features ultra low power consumption of under 2.2W, which uses about 80% LESS power than traditional encoders. It can be powered by any USB connections (e.g. a USB port on PC, power bank, etc.), this means you can stream your content continuously (even 24/7) as long as you have an USB power source. Forget about bulky power adapter and dead battery, we've got you covered.

✔ [BUY WITH CONFIDENCE] Designed of only top quality materials that exceed industry standard. At DDMALL, we are dedicated to creating innovative solution that solve pain points experienced by stream operators. We work directly with our users to create a product we all love. We’re not just selling an encoder- we’re creating a new way for our users to participate in the product development journey, from vision to testing to launch. And that’s just the beginning. We can’t wait for you to join us!

Friendly Reminder

  ●This portable encoder can be powered from most HDMi sources directly. For some devices with low power HDMI port, you can power on it using any basic   USB connection (e.g. a USB port on PC, media box, USB hub, power bank, etc.), no proprietary AC power adapter needed.

●The latest firmware is available for download at the DDMALL Forum.

•  Supported Video Codec: H.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC

•  Supported Streaming Protocol: RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP

•  Supported Input Resolutions: 1080p@60Hz/50Hz/30Hz, 1080i@60Hz/50Hz, 720p@60Hz/50Hz/30Hz

•  Streaming Resolutions: 1080p@30Hz, 720p@60Hz/30Hz, 960×720@60Hz, 960×540@60Hz, 640×480@60Hz, 360×200@60Hz

•  Video Bit Rate: 128Kpbs~8192Kpbs

•  Compatible with HDMI 1.3

•  Audio Input: HDMI Audio, 3.5mm Analog Audio (Line Audio Supported)

•  Audio Codec: AAC, G.711u

•  Power Consumption: Less than 2.2W

•  Weight: 0.04lb/20g

•  Size: 3.0×1.2× 0.5in