WHE-10 wireless extender introduction and application

WHE-10 wireless extender introduction and application

WHE-10 is a small wireless video transmission, distribution and broadcasting system launched by DDMALL for family and business application, which can realize innovative demonstration, exchange of work ideas, sharing of entertainment content, etc. It supports multiple devices to be used simultaneously in the same environment with various modes such as 1-to-1, 1-to-many, many-to-1, and many-to-many.

WHE-10 supports both direct connection mode and relay mode. With plug and play feature, setting-free is realized under direct connection mode, while its barrier-free transmission distance is up to 130ft. Transmission distance can be extended with its signal easily through the wall features under relay mode. Where the WIFI coverage is, where the video signal is. The relay mode supports automatic connection, web page setting, button control, APP control etc. for long-distance, high-quality, and wireless transmission of audio and video in different scenarios.

WHE-10 Features

1, Realize wireless transmission, distribution and broadcasting of 2K HDMI high-defination video.
2, With built-in dual-band(2G/5G) high-performance antenna, wireless transmission of video in a HD, stable, smooth, and low-latency manner is realized.
3, Easy to carry with small size and light weight.
4, Low power consumption—TX can take power from HDMI interface of almost signal sources, or gain power through USB cable; while RX receive power through USB.
5, Simple installation with plug and play feature—both TX and RX adopt HDMI Type A male design so that it can plug in to HDMI ports of both signal source and display end. No additional HDMI cable is required.
6, Multiple sets of devices can be used simultaneously in the same environment without interupting each other.
7, Both direct connection mode and replay mode are supported—setting-free under direct connection mode, plug and play while barrier-free transmission distance up to 130ft; transmission distance can be extended with signal through the wall features under relay mode—wherever the Wifi covers, where the video signal is obtained.
8, with its point-to-point, 1-to-many, many-to-1, many-to-many working modes, it provides various transmission and sharing methods for different scenarios such as innovative demonstration and entertainment contents.
9, Multiple control and operating modes are supported—automatic control, web setting, button control, and APP control—ensure the wireless and high-quality transmission of video under variouse scenarios. 10, New features and functions can be added by supporting online device upgrading.

WHE-10 Typical Application Scenarios

WHE-10 provides multiple transmission and sharing modes for creative presentations, work exchanges and entertainment contents sharing for business meetings, teaching seminars, home theaters etc.

● Wireless projection of teaching/speech contents

WHE-10 provides a wirless solution for long-distrance transmission of video in a HD, stable, smooth, and low-latency manner. It’s quite suitable for wireless projection of teaching or speech contents on large screen with its features of small and light for carrying, wireless, plug and play.

1, TX connects HDMI interface of computer directly and it can get power supply from HDMI interface of almost signal sources; or use a USB for power supply if needed.
2, RX connects HDMI interface of display screen and get power through USB.
3, Setting free under direct connection mode—the wileless transmission of video will be conducted once both TX and RX are connected to signal scources successfully and powered properly. The image of computer can be projected and seen on the large screen.
4, Simplify the operation while protecting privacy—in the transmission processing, the disconnection/reconnection of video transmission can be controlled by one-click button on TX end.
5, Longer transmission distance under relay mode—set TX and TX to 1 to 1 replay mode by connecting both ends to router to extend the transmission distance.

● Switching screen projection in multi-person conference

when multiple participants need deliver speech during multi-person conferences such as business negotiation, academic exchanges, and industry seminars, their own ideas, work reports and other speech contents need be switched to project on large screen in the conference room for presentation. WHE-10 provides a fast and stable solution for multi-person conference switching screen projection applications. One-click switching screen projection improves work efficiency without waiting and traditional plugging and unplugging of wired cables.

1, Each speaker’s computer is equipped with a WHE-10 TX.
2, Large screen in the conference room is equipped with a WHE-10 RX.
3, all of TX and RX are set to many-to-many relay mode and connected to the Wifi of router in the conference room.
4, Speaker switches the image of his own computer to project on the large screen for presentation through one-click button on the TX.
5, Conference host can switch the image of the speaker’s computer to the large screen through the APP of WHE-10 installed on the iPad or iPhone.

● Family entertainment content sharing

Family digital entertainment ranks the first of all family entertainment activities, while many families install a TV in each room so that each member can watch his/her favorite programs freely.

The system WHIPM (Wireless HDMI Over IP Matric) composed of multiple WHE-10 TX and WHE-10 RX can put multiple program sources in the home (such as iPad, laptop, NVR, set-top box, DVD, HD players) and multiple TVs into unified management. Any program source can be shared to TV in each room, while each room can choose any program source for watching.

1, Each program source is equipped with a WHE-10 TX.
2, Each TV in living room and bedroom is equipped with a WHE-10 RX.
3, All of TX and RX are set to many-to-many relay mode and connected to same Wifi in the home. A many-to-many video distribution and broadcasting can be realized.
4, Program sources broadcasting and switching control can be performed through the TX and RX setting buttons.
5, WHIPM APP can be installed on mobile phone or pad for program source broadcasting and switching control.