Four 1080p Window 4K Video Multiviewer

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Quick Overview:The AGS-P-100-4K multiviewer offers a range of creative features, including dynamic window sizing and positioning, input grouping, smooth panning and zooming within images, overlaps and programmable presets. It is ideally suited for videoconferencing, distance learning, usability labs and other applications that require the capability to simultaneously display multiple video sources on one screen.

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A High Standard & High Efficiency 4K Video Multiviewer

The AGS-P-100-4K multiviewer offers a range of creative features, including dynamic window sizing and positioning, input grouping, smooth panning and zooming within images, overlaps and programmable presets. It is ideally suited for videoconferencing, distance learning, usability labs and other applications that require the capability to simultaneously display multiple video sources on one screen.



Standard Rack Mount Appearance, Integrated Structure Design

The AGS-P-100-4K multiviewer adopts integrated hardware design. It allows one 4K, four DVI, four VGA inputs, and one 4K UHD output with HDMI1.4 standard. Automatic matching all kinds of 4K LCD display devices. Meeting today's demand for the highest resolution possible, the AGS-P-100-4K 4K multiviewer delivers unequalled reliability and the ability to display your high quality content with eight million pixels of performance.


  Input connectors. Support four DVI and four VGA inputs.

  Input connector. Supports one 4K UHD input with HDMI1.4a standard.

  Output connector. Supports one 4K UHD output with HDMI1.4a standard.

  Control connector. Supports RS232/485 control.

  Power port. Built-in forced heat radiation function.

  Panel buttons. For preset recall.

   Infrared port. Supports IR remote control.



4K UHD Supported

The AGS-P-100-4K supports 4K×2K point-to-point display. The 4K UHD videos and images can display on the 4K display device without compression and loss. Ultra HD features a massive 3840×2160 frame size that's four times the resolution of regular 1080 HD video. What's more, the AGS-P-100-4K is compatible with multiple universal digital signal formats. It provides users with an unprecedented degree of flexibility.



More Flexible Operation of 4K Dynamic Videowall Displays

The AGS-P-100-4K multiviewer makes the designing of creative and powerful video display systems an entirely visual experience. It supports dynamic window sizing and positioning, smooth panning and zooming within images, overlaps, and programmable presets.



Multiple Layouts are Provided

Up to five layouts are provided, including one full screen, triple windows, quad split and side-by-side mode.



OSD Display Screen a Powerful State

The AGS-P-100-4K features OSD function which allows the input signals to be classified. The identity of signal source is customizable which offers unparalleled flexibility for users.



Intelligent Control Methods

1.Menu Settings Via IR Remote Controller

All the functions of the AGS-P-100-4K are available via the supporting IR remote controller with its built-in menu setting. It is as convenient as controlling the TV set. By using the menu functions, you can fast save and call the five standard scene templates. In addition, it also support signal selection, resolution setting, phase adjustment, window sizing and positioning and so on.

2.Front Panel Control

Control the multiviewer through front panel buttons, RS232 serial port, wireless color touch screen.



Pure hardware architecture

Using pure hardware architecture.There is no CPU, hard drive, memory and other conventional computer accessories inside it.Optimized cooling system inside it provides the best system reliability.It is not a computer but a professional image processing equipment,which can work once there is power without a operating system to support.The boot time is less than 5 seconds.24x7x365 continuous word is available.Even if in the event of a system failure,the system comes with power protection can return to the previous operating state automatically after a quick.

Speed Dedicated Video / Graphics Parallel Processing

Using advanced high-speed digital signal multi-bus parallel processing mechanism, It can allocate independent processing module and data bus for each input channel signal.All modules can work simultaneously.Every channel’s processing speed is fixed.Processing speed has nothing to do with the amount of the channels,so it can deal with several signals at a time.

Video Upscaling To Optimize

It uses ATER’s best video signal optimization solutions.In the meantime, 4K video picture-in-picture processor allocates enough resources to deal with motion compensation, digital noise reduction and the distortion which causes by weak signal source or long-distance transmission.

EDID Management

Supports EDID read, modify, customize. EDID Management can buffer each output to maintain the original signal’s definition and strength.If the resolution of the display device is different from the signal source, EDID Management can copy the output device’s EDID in order to make signal source compat with the display device.

High Anti-Interference Circuit

Adopts high anti-interference circuit to make sure the reliability of the communication.

ESD Protection

Adopts international advanced SMT technology.It has special ESD protection function and a reliable performance.

Supports 4K Resolution Image Display

It can input UHD duallink DVI,DVI,HDMI1.4a standard 4Kx2K.4K UHD resolution image can show on 4K UHD display equipment.The images have no compression and no loss. It make UHD resolution 3840 * 2160 image shows more real.

Support Input OSD Functions

OSD have a variety of interior color identification OSD.It can identify and manage every input signal to clarify datas from different equipments.

High-Resolution Real-Time PIP mode

It can display up to one 4K ultra high-definition images or four 1080p images at a time.And it can display more HD datas by a single screen.In the meantime,it allows to set the image in a transverse position or a vertical position flexibly.In addition,its functions also include overlay,roam and PIP.

Free Pictures’ Combination

it is loaded with hundreds of typical engineering cases.Users can click the ‘import’ bottom to set display mode such as HD base map and image perspective combination freely.




Maximum data rate:4.95Gbps(1.65Gbps per color)
Maximum pixel clock:48M-165M
Digital Sampling:24, 8 bits per color; 165MHz standard
Switching speed:200ns,maximum

Video Input --4K input

Number / signal type:one HDMI
Connector:HDMI A type socket (not support analog signals)
Standard frequency:31kHz-100 kHz
Vertical Frequency:24Hz-85Hz
Resolution Range:3840*2160,4096*2160

Video Input --DVI input

Number / signal type:four digital DVI-I
Connector:DVI-I socket
Standard frequency:50kHz-100 kHz
Vertical Frequency:50Hz-85Hz
Resolution Range:640*480-1920*1200,720p,1080i,1080p

Video segmentation output --4K output

Number / signal type:one digital HDMI
Connector: HDMI A type socket (not support analog signals)
Resolution Range:3840*2160,4096*2160

Control mode

Panel Control:Panel buttons(Just for AGP-P-150/300)
Serial Control:RS-232(9-pin D socket)
IR control:Infrared remote control

General Specifications

Working temperature:-15~65℃℃
MTBF:> 30000 H
Operating noise:< 45dB
Power supply:100-240V AC,50/60Hz
Power:300-500W (Varies with configuration)
Installation:Standard Rack
Chassis Type:Metal
Chassis Dimensions: 430mm(L)x168mm(B)x65mm(H)