How to connect the control terminal to the wireless HDMI encoder

1.Connection schematic diagram

Introduction:The default IP of wireless HDMI encoder is


① Connection mode: the control terminal first connects the wireless HDMI encoder hotspot, and after setting OK, connects the control terminal and the wireless HDMI encoder to the same wireless router.

② Through the above ways to connect, first of all, hold the button around 2.5 S wireless HDMI encoder into AP mode, connect the control terminal is the first wireless HDMI encoder hotspot, enter the default password is 12345678, can be realized with the wireless HDMI encoder connection communication, then through the browser input address set into the interface, the wireless HDMI encoder will enter the default network interface, choose the right WIFI list, enter the password, can choose IP mode at the same time, the default as a DHCP, if choose the static, directly modifying the IP address Settings.

③ After setting the encoder parameters, restart or press the button 2.5s enough to exit the AP mode to take effect, then the wireless HDMI encoder will automatically connect to the WIFI network and can broadcast live on each live broadcast platform and push the streaming service within the LAN.

④ When the control terminal needs to modify the wireless HDMI encoder parameters again, directly enter the current wireless HDMI encoder IP address in the browser to enter the setting interface.


① After the wireless HDMI encoder enters AP mode, it will not take effect until it restarts or exits AP mode by holding down the button about 2.5s after setting wifi and modifying IP parameters.

② When the wireless HDMI encoder is connected to WIFI, the light will be in the green light state. If it is DHCP state, press and hold the button 2.5s to enter AP mode again. Then the terminal will connect the wireless HDMI encoder hotspot and input the factory IP to see the IP address assigned by DHCP.

③ If the wireless HDMI encoder parameters need to be set again, the terminal directly connects to the network where the wireless HDMI encoder is located, opens the browser and enters the current IP address of the wireless HDMI encoder.

④ If a mobile phone is used as a wireless hotspot instead of a wireless router, then the mobile phone cannot be used as a control terminal to connect to a wireless HDMI encoder, so another control terminal needs to be used to connect to a wireless HDMI encoder for setting.

2.Interface for wireless HDMI encoder communication setup

① Login interface: the browser enters, the initial user name admin, password admin login

② Network setup interface