How to use the encoder remotely


When your encoder is in the office, and you want to control the encoder at home and play the encoder's video, you can follow the following methods to achieve.

1.Get the public IP address of router2 in your office. You can connect to router2 with a computer, and then Google ”my IP address”, you can find the public IP address of router2 and write it down. Similar to this picture.

2. Set up port forwarding for your encoder on router2. Encoder push streaming uses two ports 8554 and 554 (if you haven't changed it), and web page access uses port 80.

So you have to go to the management interface of Router 2 and perform port forwarding.

The setting method of port forwarding can refer to this video. Note that the IP filled in during port mapping is the local IP of your encoder. youtube link:

3.After you complete the port forwarding, you can access the encoder on your home computer, or use VLC, OBS, Wirecast and other software to play the encoder's RTSP video. Use URL1 to play encoder video: rtsp:// (Note: is the public IP of your router2)

Use URL2 to play encoder video:rtsp:// (Note: is the public IP of your router2)

Web page access encoder: (Note: is the public IP of your router2)