How to use VLC to record RTSP video stream from encoder


1. Please set up your encoder and network environment, and then on the encoder webpage, click "Video" to see if there is a video signal input in "Input Status".

2. In Misc Stream, select RTSP and copy any URL of the encoder.

3. Open VLC and click "Open Network Stream".

4. Fill in the URL of the encoder in the pop-up window, and then select "convert" from the drop-down menu at the bottom.

5. In the pop-up window, click "Browse" to select the location and name of the video you will record, and then click "Start", VLC will start recording the video stream of the encoder.

6. When VLC is recording the encoded RTSP video stream, the interface is black, you can see from the top message of VLC that it is recording. If you need to stop recording, please click the "stop" button, and then you can find it in the path you just filled The video you recorded.