How to use Wowza to pull the encoder stream


In this topic I will share how to use DDMALL series encoder to push the stream to the Wowza.

First, you need to make sure that your encoder is connected to the router and that the encoder is connected to the HDMI signal source. Make sure to use the local playback software such as VLC to play the encoder video.

Second, please make sure that your router can access the Internet normally, then your encoder can also access the Internet after connecting to the router.

Finally, use the encoder to push the stream to the Wowza, please follow the steps below.

1.Using UDP to Stream to Wowza

1.1 Create a live event in Wowza, enter the “video source and Transcoder”, and click "Edit".

1.2 Select "Other UDP" in "Camera / Encoder" and click "Save".

1.3 Click "Start Live Stream".

1.4 After waiting for the page to jump, click "Overview" to view "Primary Server" and "Host Port" below. Please remember the IP address in parentheses and Host port.

1.5 Log in to the encoder's webpage, jump to "Misc Stream", select "Transport Stream", and fill in "Destination IP" and port number, what is filled here is the IP address and port number that Wowza just generated (,Note that this is the parameter provided by my example, please fill in according to the actual generated parameter during your actual operation ). After filling in, click "Apply".

1.6 Return to Wowza, wait for a while, after refreshing, you can see that the encoder has been successfully Streaming to Wowza.

1.7 Notes

A. Due to the possibility of network data packet loss in the UDP protocol itself, when using the UDP protocol to push the stream, the video may be slightly blurred.

B. We recommend setting the encoder's "rate control" parameter to CBR. As shown in the figure.

C. We recommend setting the GOP to twice the FPS value, as shown in the figure. If you set FPS to 60, then GOP is set to 120.

2.Using RTSP to Stream to Wowza

In the local area network, you can directly use the URL provided by the encoder to pull RTSP. However, when pulling streams on the public network, such as using Wowza for RTSP pulling streams, the source URL must be mapped. You need to map the IP address and port in the URL to the IP address and port of your router, and then fill it into Wowza's web page. For the specific port mapping method, we suggest that you go to Youtube to find related video tutorials, which are described in detail. After the port mapping is successful, fill in the URL according to the actual IP address and port number, you can achieve pull stream on Wowza.

This is about my sharing of using encoder to push stream to Wowza. If you have any experience or problems, please post them, we can discuss together. Thank you for using DDMALL products.