How to use FFMPEG to play encoder’s video


1.First, you need to connect the encoder to the HDMI video source and connect the encoder to the network. Then open a browser to log in to your encoder on the computer. After logging in, in the "Video" option, check the "Input Status" to ensure that the encoder has read the HDMI video.

2. In "Misc Stream", select RTSP, copy URL1. Note that the actual URL depends on your encoder.

3. Download ffmpeg-static, unzip it, and put it on the C drive.

4. Right click "this PC" and click properties.

5. Click Advanced System Settings.

6. Select Advance, click Environment Variables.

7. Select New in the environment variable.

8. Fill in the ffmpeg path for the value of the variable, and the variable name is arbitrary.

9. After creating a new one, as shown in the figure, click OK.

10. Open CMD, enter ffmpeg version and press Enter, check the returned version information, indicating that the configuration is successful.

11. Enter set SDL_AUDIODRIVER=directsound, and then press Enter to run.

12. Then enter ffplay rtsp://, where rtsp:// is the URL obtained in the encoder web page.

13. After waiting for a while, the ffmpeg will play the video from the encoder. As shown in below screen shot.