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DDMALL HEV-2K H.265 H.264 HDMI Video Encoder, 2K SRT Encoder HD Supporting DDNS

DDMALL HEV-2K H.265 H.264 HDMI Video Encoder, 2K SRT Encoder HD Supporting DDNS


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Portable HDMI Encoder: Ultra-mini size(75x32x22mm) and ultra-lightweight(32g); the live streaming encoder is perfect for the live streaming applications with frequent move or tiny device installation space.

Energy-Efficient & USB-Powered: Ultra-low power consumption (2.6W). The HDMI SRT encoder takes power from most HDMI ports directly without extra power supply,  or accepts power from the USB port of signal sources or mobile power bank with USB connection.

Remote Control & Stream on Internet: Support DDNS; you can easily control the IP encoder via domain remotely on public Internet and set up video transmission without any third-party live platform getting involved. 

Transmission with Less than 80ms Latency: Video transmission with less than 80ms delay when pairing with DDMALL video decoder HDD-20 with ddmall low latency transmission technology.

Versatile Features & Robust Performance: Simultaneously go live on up to 4 platforms, compatible with YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and more; allow to modify OSD setting in real time during the streaming, and preview the HDMI input video status via web UI; stream outputs at up to 16Mbps in 1080p with HEVC compression; support protocols like SRT, HLS, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, RTP, TCP, UDP, Multicast, Unicast. 

HEV-2K is one of DDMALL ultra-mini and ultra-lightweight HDMI video encoder with HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 compression. The live streaming encoder inputs up to 1080p@60 and encoding outputs up to 1080p@30 at bit rates up to16Mbps. Benefiting from the ultra-low power consumption, the mini live video encoder can take power from most HDMI ports directly without additional power supply; or it accepts power from the USB port of signal sources or mobile power bank. SRT, HLS/HTTP, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, RTP, UDP, TCP support; it can work as a SRT encoder, IPTV encoder, RTMP encoder and more; just use the desired protocol to go live with worry-free; the HDMI encoder makes it easy to stream your video and audio in low latency. Whether you are a content creator or live event host, the IP encoder allows to simultaneously go live to up to 4 platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Vimeo, Wowza, Livestream and more. As a DDNS supported video encoder, you can access to your encoder thousands of miles away; so just travel with ease, no matter where you are, you can control your streaming encoder through domain and set up video transmission on public Internet easily. Meanwhile, it is a web UI-enabled HDMI encoder; you can configure the video encoder, customize OSD setting, as well as preview HDMI source video by loading the web UI. Perfect to integrate the video encoder into your live production, megachurch, outdoor sports, stage performance, UAV/drone system, workshop, corporation and more. 

Outstanding Advantages

* Compact design & portable structure: ultra-mini size (75x32x22mm / 2.95 x 1.26 x 0.87in), ultra-lightweight(32g/0.07lbs) and USB-powered(2.4W). The video encoder is easy to carry with you anywhere, ideal for mobile and remote applications.

* 2K full HD video solution: H.265 H.264 encoder; support maximum of 1080p@60 HDMI input and 1080p@30 encoding output. The live streaming encoder delivers 1080p video at up to 16Mbps. 

* Transmission less than 80ms latency: video transmission with less than 80ms delay when pairing this IP encoder with DDMALL HDMI video decoder HDD-20 based on DDMALL private low latency mode; immersive experience video transmission in ultra-low latency.

* Remote control and stream on public Internet: support to remotely control the video encoder through domain and set up video transmission on public Internet; so you travel with ease, where there is Internet access, where can you control your streaming encoder and do streaming. 

* Stream on multiple platiforms: stream to up to 4 live platforms simultaneously, which greatly improves your stream efficiency.

* Lifetime firmware update and technical service: we provide one-stop purchasing and lifetime firmware update to add new features. 

* Reliable quality for 24/7 working: this HDMI encoder supports live streaming 24/7 without hiccup with premium hardware quality.

* Streaming encoder for various applications: it provides users with a portable hardware video solution for many applications, such as church live streaming, campus broadcast, outdoor sports, drone, UAV applications, aerial photography, leisure travel, gopro live broadcast, IPTV system etc.

HDMI live video encoder


Competent Supplier, Reliable Quality

It lays good foundation for DDMALL HDMI video encoder quality and performance by cooperating with qualified suppliers and high-grade materials.


HDMI live streaming encoder

Multiple Protocols Allow More Possibility    

The DDMALL HEV-2K H.265 encoder supports multiple streaming protocols, including SRT, HLS, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, TS, RTP, UDP, TCP, Multicast, Unicast; it can work as a SRT encoder to secure your video transmission reliably in low latency; it can work as an IPTV encoder to integrate into your IPTV system for video transmission; it can also work as a gopro encoder to stream anywhere you wish to.



IP encoder


Real-time OSD Setting & Live Preview Video

When you are live streaming, you can customize text, image or logo to your video for output display, which allows you to add production value and enhance the audience experience and interaction. You can preview your live video from the HDMI source on the Web user interface in real time. No additional HDMI display screen is required.


low power video encoder

Eco-Friendly by Energy Saving

Featuring ultra-low power consumption of only 2.6W, HEV-2K HDMI encoder costs about 80% less power than that of traditional encoders. It means you are using less energy to fulfill the same job and leaving less carbon footage on Earth. It is an economical and perfect choice for drone/UAV and other mobile applications, where limited power supply is a key factor affecting the working durance.


 Power Supply  5V/1 A (USB cable powered ) Power Consumption 2.6W
Operate Temperature -10~65℃ (14~149℉) Storage Temperature -20~85℃ (-4~185℉)
Work Humidity 10%- 90%RH (Non-condensing) Product Weight 32g/0.07lbs
Product Dimension 75x32x22mm/2.95x1.26x0.87in MTBF(mean time between failure) 30,000h
Video Input Standard HDMI 1.3 Supported Protocols SRT, HLS, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, RTP, UDP, TCP, Multicast, Unicast
Supported Input Resolution 1080p@60/50/30Hz; 1080i@60/50Hz; 720p@60/50/30Hz Supported Output Resolution 1080p@30Hz, 720p@60Hz, 720p@30Hz, 960×720@60Hz, 960×540@60Hz, 640×480@60Hz, 360×200@60Hz;  Primary stream at up to 16Mbps in1080p@30Hz; secondary stream at up to 2Mbps in 720p@30Hz
Video Bitrate 128Kbps~16Mbps(support CBR/VBR/AVBR/FixQP control mode) Audio Input Standard HDMI, Mic in, Line in
Audio Encoding Format G.711u, AAC Audio Bitrate 32kbps~256kbps
Control Method web UI Network Protocols Static IP/DHCP
Compression Profile Baseline, Main, High

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DDMALL HEV-2K H.265 H.264 HDMI Video Encoder, 2K SRT Encoder HD Supporting DDNS
DDMALL HEV-2K H.265 H.264 HDMI Video Encoder, 2K SRT Encoder HD Supporting DDNS
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