How to use encoder to push stream to Microsoft stream


In this topic I will share how to use DDMALL series encoder to push stream to the Microsoft stream.

First, you need to make sure that your encoder is connected to the router and that the encoder is connected to the HDMI signal source. Make sure to use the local playback software such as VLC to play the encoder video.

Second, please make sure that your router can access the Internet normally, then your encoder can also access the Internet after connecting to the router.

Finally, use the encoder to push the stream to the Microsoft stream, please follow the steps below.

1. We create a live event in Microsoft Stream.

2. Then we chose to selected the encoder “configure manually” and copied the URL provided by Microsoft Stream.

3. Enter to the Encoder’s web page and fill in the information in RTMP. Fill in the URL provided by Microsoft Stream into the stream URL. Note that the stream key cannot be left blank. We fill in "stream". It is very important that the stream key cannot be left blank. Then click Start.

4. After waiting a few seconds, the connection is successful.

5. Go back to Microsoft Stream, refresh the status and see that the video push is successful.

6. In the playback interface, you can choose Quality according to your needs for a better experience.

7. Precautions

A. When pushing the stream, we suggest to set the Key Frame Interval(GOP) of the encoder to twice the Frame Rate (FPS), and set the bit rate control to "CBR", as shown in the picture.(If the frame rate you use is 60, then set the key frame interval to 120)

B. When filling the information in the encoder's RTMP, do not leave the stream key blank, it is recommended to fill in "stream".

This is about my sharing of using encoder to push stream to Microsoft stream. Please share your experience or problems encountered, we discuss it together. Thank you for using DDMALL products.

Here is a video connection about Microsoft streaming, I hope to help you.