How to use OBS to pull the encoder stream


In this topic I will share how to use OBS to pull the encoder stream.

1. First, you need to connect your encoder according to Figure 1, and then configure your encoder IP so that your computer can access your encoder. (The specific encoder IP configuration method please check in the special topic, we provide the MAC and Windows computer configuration encoder method).

2. Use the computer browser to log in to your coded webpage.

3. After log in to the Encoder web interface,we need to check whether the encoder recognizes the signal of the HDMI video signal source. As shown in Figure 3, in "Video"-"Encoding Settings", if the encoder does not receive the video signal from the HDMI accessory signal source, it displays "No Signal", please check the HDMI connection status of the encoder.

If the connection is normal, you can see the "input status" shows the resolution and frame rate of the input signal.

4. Get the URL of ENCODER

In "Misc Stream", make sure Encoder is in RTSP mode, copy URL1, we will use this URL1 later.

5. Open OBS, in the "Source" window below, click the plus sign "+".

6. Click "VLC Video Source".

7. Create a new source and name it according to your needs.

8. Then click "+" and click "Add Path / URL".

9. Fill in the URL1 of the ENCODER we just copied (note that please fill in the URL1 of your own ENCODER).

10. You can see that the "play list" has been added successfully, and then click OK.

11. OBS pull stream is successful, you can see the video of ENCODER encoder in the preview window.