Reminders on Facebook Live

If you encounter the prompt "Possible duplicate connection." when you use the encoder to broadcast live to facebook, please don't worry. Let's analyze the reasons for this problem.

This prompt may appear in two situations:

1. The connection between the encoder and facebook is accidentally disconnected and then reconnected. For example, the encoder is unexpectedly powered off and restarted, the network cable is accidentally disconnected and connected, and the WIFI is accidentally disconnected and connected.

2. The user manipulates the encoder manually, such as modifying the encoder parameters.

During the live broadcast of the encoder, the TCP connection with facebook is disconnected due to the above two reasons, and the encoder will link with facebook again, but the last connection has not been "completely" disconnected (or facebook thinks the last connection is Not disconnected yet). At this time, the action of connecting the encoder again will be misjudged by Facebook, thinking that there are two encoders connected at the same time.

For the first case, Facebook is not aware of it, because unexpected power outages and unexpected signal interruptions are unpredictable, so the encoder can't send a notification to Facebook saying "I have disconnected", so Facebook thinks when you connect again This is a repeated connection.

In the second case, after manually modifying the parameters, the encoder will actively disconnect from facebook and then reconnect. If the interval between these two actions is too short, a "duplicate connection" prompt will appear. (Because facebook has not received the disconnect request and completed the disconnect operation, the second connection request came over). Therefore, we recommend that when you need to modify the parameters of the encoder, please click "Stop" in the RTMP item of the encoder to stop the live broadcast, then modify the encoder parameters, and finally press the "Start" button to continue the live broadcast.

In fact, the appearance of this prompt will not affect the encoder's live broadcast to facebook. Of course, there is another situation, that is, there are really two encoders pushing to facebook at the same time. Your facebook stream URL and stream key may be known by others, so please be careful not to inform others of your facebook stream URL and stream key.