How to realize outdoor AV live streaming on Internet

How to realize outdoor AV live streaming on Internet

Live video streaming has stepped into people’s daily life as the development of Internet technology and universal use of mobile terminal. Amongst all of the webcast methods, outdoor live streaming tops the popular list. Typical outdoor live streaming cases include outdoor sports, sports events, outdoor wedding, leisure tourism, concert, press conference, year-end party, campus activities and big events etc.

However, professional outdoor live streaming can never be conducted by a mobile phone, it has a full range of processing from shoot, collect, encode and publish. Regarding living steaming, people care two points most: network connection and video transmission.

DDMALL provides professional, portable and convenient solutions for outdoor live streaming, which breaks space limit. People can easily realize AV live broadcast via connecting mobile phone to Internet.

DDMALL portable wireless encoder (HEV-4KW), takes built-in antenna method. It is very small with size 64mm(L) * 30mm(W) * 12mm(H) and weight 25g. It also has very low power consumption so that it can receive power directly from the HDMI input interface. In the meantime, it can be powered by USB cable.

Below is the sketch map of the outdoor live streaming application of DDMALL portable wireless encoder:

1, Supply power to encoder via a mobile power bank.

2, Encoder joins the Internet by connecting to Wi-Fi hotspot of pad/computer/mobile phone/portable rooter

3, Encoder will encode and compress the video from the Camera and push AV stream on the streaming video platform via Internet to realize live broadcasting.

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