The Link Cloud System

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What can the Link Cloud Do for You?

The DDMALL Link Cloud management system is a cloud-based platform designed to bring convenience and unified management to your device ecosystem. 

Centralized Control 

The Link Cloud system offers a simple and unified view of all devices connected to your account, providing you with the ability to monitor and manage them from anywhre so that you can deploy your in-field devices remotely at your fingertips! 

Real-Time Updates

The Link Cloud allows you to track device status, scene status, parameter modification, performance metrics, and usage statistics as they happen, enabling rapid response to any issues and enhancing system uptime and reliability. 

Increased Efficiency

The Link Cloud system facilitates the software updates, device management, and system configurations. It frees up your IT staff to focus on more strategic projects as the cloud-based platform can be accessed anywhere any time. 

Cost Saving 

By moving management to the cloud, you eliminate the need for on-premise servers and their associated maintenance costs. The scalability of cloud servies also means you only pay for what you use, making it a cost-effective solution.

DDMALL Technology

As a cloud-based encoding and decoding devices management system, the Link Cloud not only provides ultimate control over its features and functionality, but also offers deeper integration with your existing infrastructure. with DDMALL technology, it helps you put your management over the cloud, making the device configuration and management as easy as TV channel switching. 

Versatile Applications

The Link Cloud is an immensely versatile tool that has extensive applications accross various industries. Whether for a smart city project, medical institution, on-site engineering projects, or campus lecturing systems, the well-implemented cloud platform serves as a central hub that ensures smooth operation of all connected devices.  

Geared towards the Future

As the digital landscape continues to expand and evolve, the cloud device management system is a future-facing solution that prepares businesses for growth and innovation. By investing in a cloud device management platform today, businesses are essentially future-proofing their operations for tomorrow's digital world. 

what our Customer say


Marc Saunders

As a motorsport engineer, I need to stream races in real-time with zero disruption. The linkcloud has been a game-changer for us. We can manage multiple devices simultaneously, streamlining our workflow and focusing more on contents delivery. The platform has improved our user experience. It's like having a super-efficient pit crew for our digital needs! 

Cole Beltran

I work as an IT professional at a large university, juggling hundreds of devices on a daily basis. The cloud system has been an absolute lifesaver. It has allowed us to manage and monitor all devices from a single centralized platform, drastically reducing manual work. Its easy-to-use interface and real-time updates have enabled us to handle any issues promptly, improving the overall efficiency of our operations.

Jana Alexander

In our factory, maintaining uptime is of the utmost importance. The LinkCloud platform has empowered us to achieve this goal more consistently. It offers us the ability to monitor all our devices in real time, catching potential issues before they become major problems. The platforms's unified management has simplified our processes, saving us time, and reducing stress. It's truly an invaluable tool for any modern factory! 

Hari Santiago

As a freelance photographer, the DDMALL encoder is my go-to tool for uploading content online. It's compact and lightweight, making it very portable for on-the-go streaming sessions. Its installation is a breeze, saving me from complex setups. With strong network connectivity, it reliably streams my videos in high quality without any hiccups. A real game-changer for reliable live broadcasting!

Janice Rose

As a video engineer, I've found DDMALL's cloud device management platform to be incredibly helpful for handling my DDMALL encoders and decoders. The unified settings allow me to tweak configurations anytime, making management super convenient. It's a real time-saver and makes my workflow much more efficient. Moreover, the platform keeps me updated about the device status, ensuring I stay on top of things. The simplicity of operation is the icing on the cake!

Mathew Barrera

As a business manager who uses DDMALL's encoder for weekly church broadcasts, I can't emphasize enough how much DDMALL's LinkCloud platform has improved our efficiency. This cloud device management platform is an absolute game changer! Being able to set, play, monitor, and modify our equipment on-the-go via the cloud is invaluable. It has streamlined our workflow and allowed us to respond to situations quickly and effectively. Kudos to DDMALL for such an intuitive and efficient platform!