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DDMALL AGT-P Modular Video Processor, Edge Blending Image Processor for Projection Display

DDMALL AGT-P Modular Video Processor, Edge Blending Image Processor for Projection Display


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The AGT-P: Pro modular, digital, networked, and expandable Image Processor

Scalable Modular Image Processor: Feature in modular design with FPGA hardware technology, It enables cards addition for system expansion. Work standalone or integrate into your AV systems. a single equipment can process up to 4, 8, 18, 36 or 72 projector images. 

Digital & Networked Image Blending Processor: Wide range of signal inputs: 8K*4K, 4K HDMI, 4K Dual-Link, DVI, HDMI, SDI, Fiber, CAT, HDBaseT, VGA, CVBS, Ypbpr, IP, the UHD/HD image processor meets different application requirements.

Powerful Image Window Presentation Modes: Multi-window display, picture-in-picture display, passive stereo display, Text overlay, geometry recalibration, brightness overlay, automatic color balancing, light compensation, blend edge customization etc. ideal for midium or large-scale presentation systems. like command center, lecture hall, auditorium, large screen projects etc. 

MxN Projection Array & 3D Stereo Display: Capable of MxN projection array blending display on large screen with user-customizable projector directions; With 3D processing algorithm, it supports UHD 3D stereo display.

Note: the titled price is only for reference. Please send us your requirements and we will quote the price based on your needs.

The AGT-P is a professional video processor featuring in modular, digital, networked, and expandable image processing for large- or super-screen projections. A standalone AGT-P processor allows 2K/4K projection image blending display with projector size from 4, 8, 18, 36, to 72, supporting wide range of video signals inputs such as 8K*4K, 4K HDMI, 4K Dual-Link, DVI, HDMI, SDI, Fiber, CAT, HDBaseT, VGA, CVBS, Ypbpr, IP etc. It supports 4K/8K ultra HD display with multiple window placement modes such as multi-iwndow displays, picture-in-picture display, and passive stereo display. additionally, it supports test overlay, geometry recalibration, brightness overlap, automated color balance, custom blend edge, and light compensation etc. It is ideal for medium- or large-Sized presentation systems such as command center, lecture hall, auditorium, training lab etc. 

FPGA Hardware, Hot-Swappable Modular Design 

With modular card-insert design and advanced pure FPGA hardware technology, the AGT-P enables powerful image processing capability and high reliability, breaking various limitations of software edge blending. With selectable cards and chassis sizes, it allows users to choose different combinations of input and output cards according to the needs. As a modular and scalabe image processor, it supports online upgrading and cards addition for system size and fuction expansion. When used with 4K projectors, the AGT-P park series provide adjustable overlaps for edge blending to enable immersive, seamless UHD displays that span entire room - ideal for museums, theaters, auditoriums and a range of other venues.

4K/8K Image Accuracy and Fine Picture Detail 

With standard 4K HDMI and 4K Dual-Link ultra HD input interfaces, the AGT-P ensures  frame rate synchronized display with uncompressed image in fine picture detail. Additionally, it suports upscaling for 8K*4K resolution display. 

Flexible MxN Projection Arrays 

Support MxN projection array for image blending. Users can define any horizontal and vertical projection array regarding the needs to ensure super screen blending dislpay,  broadening the blending areas to get perfect visibility. With multiple user-defined display modes, the AGT-P aligns those sophisticated geometric images to MxN grids. 

Full HD Images Multi-Window Displays 

Apart from the ultra HD full-screen display, the AGT-P also supports quad-screen, 8-window, 12-widnow synchronized HD display from a single projector, Moreover, picture-in-picture display and seamless switching wihout flashing, tearing, and blackout are in place. 

Geometry Recabliration for Fine Image Projection 

The AGT-P fine tunes the settings according to the projection environment. It allows to customize screen shapes at various resolutions and recalibrate the geometry errors. Meanwhile, it enables multiple image presentation scene saving function. Users can quickly recall the image presets for display. 

Dedicated Blending Algorithm Secures Best Display Effect 

With advanced blending algorithm for signal processing, the AGT-P performs light compensation and uplift the brightness  from projection hardwares like DLP, LCD, LPT, LCOS, LED etc. It eliminates the light leakage in blending and non-blending areas to secures perfect image presentation. additionally, it supports projectors commissioning in standard or dynamic high brightness modes to minimize the brightness loss, ensuring image brighter, clearer and higher accuracy. 

Full 3D Supported, Immersive experience UHD Stereo Display 

With internal 3D-source processing algorithms, the AGT-P supports passive stereo presentation from multiple 3D sources in different formats, such as left-right or up-bottom 3D Blu-ray formats. It also supports 4K*2K passive stereo blending display at full frame rate. Users can select 2 channels of 4K HDMI or 4K Dual-Link as left-right input signals, and deploy 8 full HD projectors in 2x2 array for image blending to realize ultra HD passive steroe image presentation. 

Text Overlay Simplify Management of Signal Sources 

Support OSD labels for input signals to classify different signal sources. It also allows to customize text label with selectable text color to appear on the screens for each source, greatly facilitating user' system management. 

Screen Rotation from Different Angles 

The AGT-P supports the rotation of the screen for display at different angles with 90° increments. such as 90°, 180° and 270°, offering display flexibility for different applications. 

Image Transparent Overlap Technology

With rada image transparent overlapping, including transparent cutout, transparent windows, and cutout dissolve, the AGT-P flexibly handle the window transition effect, with contrast ratio, chroma, luminance and transparency adjustable. 

Custom Logic Group Management 

With customizable logic group management design based on FPGA algorithm, the AGT-P blending processors work standalone or integrate into multiple projection systems. Users can categorize the signals into different groups based on their needs through corresponding operation interfaces. Permission access to each logic group is definable to realize freedom of unified video system management flexibly. Users can operate AV devices for centralized management and monitoring via the professional virtualized platform software.

Real-Time Remote Monitoring , Never Miss any Important Information 

Support remotely synchronized monitoring on hardware devices, providing data support for desision making. Users can also monitor any one or multiple channels of the sources with positioning and zooming functions to emphasize the most important image content. 

HD/UHD Decoding Technology for More 

Adopting H.264 and H.265 decoding technology, the AGT-P decodes all kinds of IP camera or encoders with capability of synchronized decoing 1 4K, 4 1080P, 8 720P, or 16 48P streams. Additionally, it allows seamlessz switching of any decoding stream for display, ensuring HD/UHD image perfect presentation. 

System Setting with One Key

The initialization settings of the AGT-P image processor can be achieved through one-key function, making system configuration as easy as changing SIM card on the mobile phones. 

Graphical Software Interface, User-Friendly Mangement

  • OSD overlay on input signals to classify signal types from differnt sources.
  • Automatic signal identification, real-time monitoring of operation status.
  • One-click or broadcasting of signal swtiching for quickly signal presentation.
  • Embedded datat grouping function, display scene presets, automaci cycling display for scientific management.
  • Permission management secures data safety.
  • Data backup and quick recovery; support data synchronized import to new devices
  • HDMI1.4a, HDMI2.0 standard
  • HDCP2.0, HDCP2.2 compliant
  • Supported resolutions up to 3840×2160@24Hz/30Hz/60Hz, 4096×2160@24Hz/30Hz/60Hz
  • Chroma sampling 4:4:4, 4:2:2 or 4:2:0
  • Compatible with Duallink DVI, HDMI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI formats.

Selectable Input & Output Cards & Chassis Sizes 

 Input Cards Options 
No  Input Card Type Interface Number & Type Signal Type  Input Resolution 
1 1*4K Dual-Link input card  1*DVI  Dual-Link DVI  Max. 8K*4K, 4K*2K, support down scaling and custom graphic card resolution 
2 1*4k@30Hz HDMI input card 1*HDMI  HDMI 1.4a Max 3840*2160@30Hz, support down scaling 
3 1*4k@60 HDMI input card  1*HDMI HDMI 2.0 Max. 3840*2160@60Hz, support down scaling 
4 4*2K HDMI input cards 4*HDMI  HDMI 1.4 Mzx. 1920*1200@60Hz, support down scaling 
5 4*2K DVI input card 4*DVI  DVI-D Max. 1920*1200@60Hz, support down scaling 
6 4*2K DVI input card-C 4*DVI  DVI-D Max 1920*1200@60Hz, support down scaling; it can be inserted into output card slot to increase input numbers. 
7 4*2K mix input card 2*GVA+2*HDMI+2*ear Jack VGA(YPbPr compatible), HDMI(DVI compatible), 3.5mm dual-audio  Max 1920*1200@60Hz, support down scaling 
8 4*SDI input card 4*BNC SDI Max 1080p@60Hz, support down scaling 
9 4*VGA input card 4*VGA VGA Max 1080p@60Hz, support down scaling 
10 4*2K HDBaseT input card  4*RJ45  HDBaseT  Max 1920*1200@60Hz, support down scaling 
11 4*2K RJ45 input card 4*RJ45 twisted-pair  Max 1920*1200@60Hz, support down scaling 
12 4*optic fiber input card  4*LC connector  single-mode signle core optic fiber signal Max 1920*1200@60Hz, support down scaling 
13 8*CVBS input card  8*BNC CVBS NTSC, PAL
14 decoding card  2*RJ45, 1*ear Jack Network, 3.5mm dual-audio  4*1080p H.2364/H.265 decoding 
 Output Cards Options


Output Cards Type Interface Number/Type Signal Type  Output Resolution 
1 2*2K blending output card  2*DVI DVI-D Max 1920*1200@60Hz, support down scaling 
2 1*2K blending output card 1*DVI DVI-D Max 1920x1200@60Hz, support down scaling 
3 1*4k@60 blending output card 1*HDMI  HDMI 2.0 3840*2160@60Hz
4 1*2K 7-windowing/monitoring card 1*DVI DVI-D Max 1920*1200@60Hz, support down scaling, support synchronized display of 7 images. 
5 2K windowing card / / work with 2K blending cards to increase display window numbers. a single card support 8 windows
 Selectable Chassis
No. Chassis Size  Chassis Type  Max. Supported Input & Output Cards Number 
1 1.5U standard chassis AGT-P-150 2*input cards & 2*output cards (Max support 4 projectors blending)
2 3U standard chassis AGT-P-300 5*input cards & 4*output cards(Max support 8 projectors blending)
3 3U standard chassis AGT-P2-300 4*input cards & 5*output cards(Max support 10 projectors blending)
4 8U standard chassis  AGT-P-800 9*input cards & 9*output cards(Max support 18 projectors blending)
5 12U standard chassis  AGT-P-1200 18*input cards & 18*output cards(Max support 36 projectors blending)


Product Specifications 

Operation Temperature  -10-45 celsius degrees 
Operation Humidity 15%-85% non-condensing 
Operation noise  below 45dB
Power Supply 100-240AC, 50/60Hz; 1+1 redundant power backup options for 3U, 8U, 12U chassis 
Power Consumption 50-500W (varies according the the cards configurations)
MTBF 30000 hours
Installation  Standard metal rack
Product Size/Weight(full load)

AGT-P-150: 440mm*300mm*70mm(7kgs)

AGT-P-300: 440mm*300mm*135mm(11kgs)

AGT-P2-300: 440mm*300mm*135mm(11kgs)

AGT-P-800: 440mm*430mm*360mm(30kgs)

AGT-P-1200: 440mm*430mm*535mm(42kgs)

 Control Methods
Serial Control   RS-232 9-in DB connector 
Network Control  TCP/IP
Panel Control  panel buttons 
Infrared Control  Infrared remote control 


[Purchase reminder]

For diffenerent application scenarios, almost DDMALL display processors need to be customized based on customer’s requirements. We would recommend you to contact us and tell us your using scenario or required technical parameters before order. 

Meanwhile, technical background is a must to perform test and commissiong of DDMALL display processors. If you are not technical enough, we will recommend you to check in with us. Professional technical guide and free training will be offered to tackle the problems occured in your processing.

In the future, DDMALL will recruit a oversea expert team focusing on technical support and field installation services in local markets. If you are a technical stuff, who are willing to accept technical training for DDMALL products and are dedicated to provide professional technical service in your market, please contact us.

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DDMALL AGT-P Modular Video Processor, Edge Blending Image Processor for Projection Display
DDMALL AGT-P Modular Video Processor, Edge Blending Image Processor for Projection Display
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