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DDMALL HE-20IR HDMI OVER Cat6 IR Extender Kit, Video Transmitter 330ft/100m

DDMALL HE-20IR HDMI OVER Cat6 IR Extender Kit, Video Transmitter 330ft/100m


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【HD Transmission with 330FT/100 Range】The HE-20IR HDMI video extender extends HDMI A/V signals from point to point with up to 330ft/100m range in full HD 1920*1200@60Hz over single cat6/cat7 cable.  

【Zero Delay & Zero Loss】The HE-20IR HDMI transmitter receiver kit extends 1920*1200p@60Hz video in zero delay without any loss of your video. It delelivers your HD clear video in real time. 

【Plug and Play】The HE-20IR HDMI extender kit over cat6 or cat7 can be easy set up. Both the TX transmitter and RX receiver are USB-powered. Plug and play. 

【IR Remote Control Supported】The HE-20IR is a HDMI IR controled extender kit. It supports 20~60KHz wide frequency IR remote control. You can easily control your video transmission as you wish. 

【Auto-EDID Supported】With built-in auto-EDID emulation technology, the HDMI video transmitter allows to copy EDID information for the EDID compliant displays to ensure accurate display performance. Ideal for your home theater, blu-ray players, game player, CCTV etc. 

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DDMALL Technology

DDMALL Technology is the proprietary brand of Atel Technologies Co., Ltd. As a company comprised of R&D and manufacture, we have been dedicated to hardware video codec products for over 20years. Foot on video over IP industry, we have developed a series of hardware HDMI over Ethernet transmitters, extenders, live video encoders, decoders, A/V processors, matrix switchers, HDMI cables etc. To meet the ever-growing segmented market demands and keep our customers one-step ahead in the market, we will stay innovative and sharpen our technology to provide more versatile, reliable, stable but less cost and carbon footage solutions for video transmission, distribution and live streaming. 

hdmi extender

DDMALL HE-20IR is an ultra-mini and ultra-lightweight HDMI over IP extender kit. The HDMI transmitter receiver set extends 2K HD HDMI signal up to 330ft/100m from HDMI source to an display over a single CAT5e/CAT6 cable, while maintaining superior video and audio quality. This video transmission system is compliant with HDCP and EDID to enhance deep color with  resolutions up to 1920*1200p@60Hz. Plug and play while it is powered by USB type-C cable. HE-20IR is a portable and IR control supported HDMI IR transmitter receiver for video transmission and distribution. It is ideal for home theater, blu-ray players, game player, CCTV etc. 


HDMI extender kit

DDMALL 1080P HDMI Extender with IR Function

Small Size, Powerful Features

The DDMALL HE-20IR is a compact, yet professional Full HD HDMI transmitter and receiver kit that extends HDMI signal from a source device (Blu-ray player, media box, PS4, etc.) to a remote TV up to 330ft (100m) over a single CAT5e/CAT6 cable with zero delay and zero signal drop-out. the IR extender kit will you extends HDMI signals in resolution up to 1920*1200P@60Hz with super stability and reliability, even at 330ft/100m away from your HDMI source.






Key Features

• Compact size and ultra-lightweight- super easy to install.
• Extension range up to 330ft/100m in 1080p over a single CAT5e/CAT6 cable.
• Support 20~60KHz wide frequency IR remote control.
• Simply plug and play, and no setup is required.
• Crystal-clear audio & video quality with zero delay and zero signal drop-out.
• Support POC (Power over Cable), so either the TX transmitter or the RX receiver unit need be powered only. 
• USB-powered without additional power adapter.
• Durable quality: support 24/7 working.


hdmi ir extender

hdmi extender kit


hdmi transmitter receiver kit

hdmi video extender hd

Compact Form Factor

Easy to set up with its ultra-mini and ultra-lightweight form factor. Plug the HDMI extender directly to your laptop, media box, projector, TV without extra HDMI cables. The TX receiver can be hidden in the back of TV, projector and various devices simply, and powered from the nearby USB port without power adapter.




hdmi transmitter

Confident reliability & Stability

The HDMI extender kit adopts DDMALL self-innovated technology. It performs HD video transmission in up to 1920*1200P@60Hz without any signal loss in zero delay. The point-to-point audio video transmission range is up to 330ft/100m without affecting the video quality. You will be amazed at the stability and reliability of the HDMI transmitter receiver kit. 


hdmi ir transmitter

Cost-Effective Video Transmission Solution

The HE-20IR HDMI extender extends HDMI signals over one CAT5e/CAT6 cable without additional cabling. Both the TX transmatter and RX receiver are USB-powered. Plug and play. IR remote control is supported for easier management of your video transmission.





Item Transmitter(T) Receiver(R)
Max.Resolution 1920x1200p@60Hz
Max.Transmission Distance 330ft(100m) over CAT6 Cable
HDCP Compatibility HDCP 1.2
HDMI Standard HDMI 1.4
Input Connector HDMI Type-A RJ-45
Output Connector RJ-45 HDMI Type-A
IR Pass-thru One-way
IR Signal 20~60KHz IR devices supported
HDMI Standard HDMI 1.4 & HDCP 1.2
Power Supply DC 5V 1A(Micro USB Supply)
Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃ (14℉~122℉)
Power Consumption 1.7W(Each Unit)
Net Weight 40g(Pair)

Note:Specifications are subject to change without notice.

What's in the Box 

• 1× HDMI Transmitter
• 1× HDMI Receiver
• 1× IR Blaster
• 1× IR Receiver
• 2× Micro USB to IR and Power Cables
• 2× Micro USB to IR and Power Cabl
• 1× User Manual


• This kit is point to point and comes with one Transmitter and one Receiver. It is not meant to work through routers or network switches. 



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DDMALL HE-20IR HDMI OVER Cat6 IR Extender Kit, Video Transmitter 330ft/100m
DDMALL HE-20IR HDMI OVER Cat6 IR Extender Kit, Video Transmitter 330ft/100m
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