HD-OPT-808 Integrated Optic Fiber Matrix

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概要:HD-OPT-808 is an optic fiber matrix switching system, adopting optic fiber for transmission, and supporting 8-optical-signal input and 8-optical-signal output. It can switch any input optical signal to one or multiple optical signal output channels. Beyond this, it can perfrom a long distance transmission of signals through a single-mode optic fiber line, of which the transmission distance can exceed 20km, and secure signal restoration, real-time and safey especially in the complex electromagnetic envirionment and natural envrionment. In the help of DDMALL optic fiber extenders, it can realize arbitrary switching and long-distance transmission of AV signals, such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, CVBS, KVM, Audio etc. it is an ideal solution for those professional audio-visual systems, which have high requirements on efficiency, performance, confidentiality, and transmission scale.


Integrated Structure Design,Advanced FPGA Technology

HD-OPT-808 adopts integrated structure design and standard 1U rack chassis, which is easily installed and saves space. Leveraging the advanced FPGA pure hardware design, it has powerful signal processing capability and high-reliability, supporting arbitrary matrix swtiching and long distance transmission of 8-optical-signal input and 8-optical-signal output with transmission distance exceeding 20km.

HD Signal Pixel-to-Pixel, Clear Stream Transmission Without Compression

HD-OPT-808 supports pixel-to-pixel display of high-definition signals at up to resolution of 1920*1200@60Hz. It adopts clear stream transmission technology and H.264/H.265 encoding and compression technology, which secure the image restoration and fidelity.

Say “NO” to Black Screen, Zero-Latency Visual Experience

HD-OPT-808 supports singal seamless and zero-latency switching, which make audiences feel like that the dynamic image is infront of them. There is no black screen, shaking and flickering etc. phenomena during the signal switching, which will be a perfect solution for different display terminals in the entire audio-visual system.

One-Click to Call Scences, Easier Data Sharing Method

HD-OPT-808 matrix supports multiple data storage and call. It can storage multiple types of signal switching relations as scenes simultaneouly such as broadcast input switching, unicast input switching etc. users can call out the appllication scenes through one-click button on the chassis front panel or infrared remote to realize signal quick switching. It enables more convenient method of data sharing.

Audio Multiplex/De-embedding, Flexible Data Demonstration

It is vital that mutual cooperation and interaction of “listening” and “watching” enable more efficient information exchange, amongst sound occupies an irreplaceable position in the audio-visual system. HD-OPT-808 supports audio addition and de-embedding to realize the mashup transmission and conversion of various types of video signal, digital audio, and analog audio such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, CVSB, SDI etc. in the help of DDMALL optic fiber extenders. It presents the audio and video data more flexible and versatile.

OSD Label Customization, Direct Data Management

HD-OPT-808 supports OSD label management. Users can customize their desired OSD label to distiguish one input signal from the other, which makes the data managment performs in a more easier and convenient manner.

Various Optical Fiber Modules, Satisfy Versatile Applications

HD-OPT-808 can be used with any type of DDMALL optical fiber modules to realize arbitrary mashup and relation switching of signals for transmission such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, CVBS, KVM, Audio etc.it makes the audio-visual system presents a more versatile visual effect. Compatible transmitting optic fiber modules: HD-F02-TX, DT-20, ST-20-TX, CT-20-TX, KT-20 Compatible Receiving optic fiber modules: HD-F02-RX, DT-20, ST-20-RX, CT-20-RX, KT-20