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概要:本のLANケーブル(CAT5e/CAT6)でフルHD 1080PのHDMI信号を最大100メートルまでの長距離伝送が実現します。CAT5e/CAT6 LANケーブルに接続した後、高画質なHDMI画像信号と同時に高音質な音声信号も無損失&遅延なしのリアルタイムに延長できます。


ステップ①:CAT5e/CAT6 LANケーブルでHDMIの送信機と受信機を接続してください。ポイント:商品背面に「T」と書いたのは送信機で、「R」と書いたのは受信機です。
ステップ②:送信機をパソコンやテレビセットトップボックスなどの信号源デバイスのHDMIポートに挿し込み、付属しているUSB充電ケーブルで送信機に給電します。(USBケーブルの一端を送信機のMicro USBと接続し、向こう端は信号源デバイスと接続だけで給電できます)
ステップ③:受信機をテレビ、プロジェクター、LCDディスプレイなどのHDMIポートに挿し込み、付属しているUSB充電ケーブルで受信機に給電します。(USBケーブルの一端を受信機のMicro USBと接続し、向こう端は輸出デバイスと接続だけで給電できます)

本のLANケーブル(CAT5E/CAT6)でフルHD 1080PのHDMI信号を100メートルまでの長距離伝送が実現します。






• 輸入電圧:マイクロUSBケーブルで給電
• 消費電力:1.7W(各ユニット)
• 動作温度:0℃~60℃(結露なきこと)
• 保存温度:-10℃~70℃(結露なきこと)
• 規格:HDMI 1.4、HDCP 1.2
• 本体サイズ:約66×21×20mm


• 1 x HDMI送信機
• 1 x HDMI受信機
• 1 x 取扱説明書 (日本語)
• 2 x Micro USBケーブル


• このHDMI延長器セットはただの送信機と受信機の間にポイントツーポイント動作するキットですので、ルータまたはネットワークスイッチとしてご使用できないです。
• LANケーブルはUTPケーブル(CAT 5e/6)をご使用ください。 

✔ [1080P 330FT LOSSLESS EXTENSION] With this compact HDMI extender kit, you can easily extend Full HD 1080p video and audio from your HDMI source to a remote display up to 330t (100m) over a single CAT5/CAT5e/CAT6 cable, while maintaining crystal clear video and audio quality. Zero latency and zero signal degradation. You will be amazed at how this mini extender kit show you the Full HD video with super stability and reliability, even at 330ft away from your source.

✔ [ENERGY-EFFICIENT] Featuring ultra low power consumption at only 1.7W, this mini extender uses about 80% LESS power than traditional extenders. This means you are using less energy to do the same job, reducing your home's or office’s energy waste and saving money. It can be powered from any USB connection (e.g. a USB port on media Box, projector, HDTV). It supports POC, which means you'll only need one power source to power your extender. Forget about bulky AC adapter, we've got you covered.

✔ [SIMPLIFY INSTALLATION] This compact extender kit has been specially crafted for your smooth and tidy installation. It features a small footprint and a built-in HDMI Type-A male connector that connects directly to your video source and display, reducing clutter by eliminating the need for extra HDMI cables. Compact size that can be hidden on the back of TV, projector and various devices simply. Ideally suited for projection system, home audio-video system, digital signage and more.

✔ [SET UP IN MINUTES] Plug and play with no external driver or software needed. Built-in advanced Auto EDID Emulation technology allows the extender to copy EDID information from EDID compliant displays and assures accurate display performance, no additional configuration needed. Connect your HDMI source to the Transmitter, run a CAT5e/6 cable from the Transmitter to Receiver, and connect your HDMI display to the Receiver. Then power the extender using any nearby USB connection. It's that easy!

✔[BUY WITH CONFIDENCE] Short circuit prevention, temperature control and more advanced features to keep you and your devices completely safe. At DDMALL, we pride ourselves on providing innovative and high quality A/V products to our customers. We believe in our products, that’s why we are confident in offering 2-YEAR worry-free manufacturer warranty and free lifetime technical support. REMINDER: This extender is designed and manufactured by DDMALL. Please be aware of imitations.