AGT-T-Pro blending processor

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Quick Overview:AGT-T-Pro is a professional image fusion processor for seamless display of projection images,satifying various display requirements for single-channel/dual-channel large-screen projection. It is widely used in convention and exhibition industry, public hall display, wide-screen movies, home theater and the needs of small and medium-sized large-screen system environments.

Focused on single/dual-channel projecting display on large screens

AGT-T-Pro is a professional image fusion processor for seamless display of projection images,satifying various display requirements for single-channel/dual-channel large-screen projection. It is widely used in convention and exhibition industry, public hall display, wide-screen movies, home theater and the needs of small and medium-sized large-screen system environments.

Standard rack mount appearance, based on FGPA pure hardware technology

By adopting standard rack-mount outlook design and its advanced FPGA pure hardware technology, AGT-T-Pro has strong processing capability: HDCP protocol supported, adaptive to variouse formats of input signals,DVI-D/HDMI and VGA signals input supported, automatic EDID detected and identified,almost display resolutions supported, automatic image resolution required by system generated.


  Input: 1xDVI-I channel(compatible with 1xDVI-D/HDMI or 1xVGA)

  Output: 2xDVI-I

  Control port 1: 2x RS232

  Control port 2: supports network control

  Power supply: forced heat dissipation to ensure stable operation of system.



Support high-definition resolution access, providing a wider display area

AGT-T-Pro supports seamless image display of 2 projectors on large screen to realize point-to-point HD resolution display in 3840x1200@60Hz without losing a pixel and presenting in a unsurpassed accuracy. It not only gives user a wider display area but also provides a cost-effective solution for image presentation system in UHD resoluton.



Geometry correction brings fantactic projection of images

AGT-T-Pro spports refinement configurations verifying from different projection environments. Allowing geometric, non-geometric, regular and irregular deformation operations to be performed on various resolutions to rectify the geometric errors of image presentation. In the meantime, with a fuction of image saving in multi-forms and scenes, it can realize the dynamic changes of various artistic graphics



Mode of dual-projection overlay, Display of cost-effective in high brightness

AGT-T-Pro can gain multiplication of image brightness by supporting brightness overlay of dual-projectors, perfectly suitable for display environment with strong light. It presents a high-quality and high-brightness effect at low costs to reduce user’s investment cost.



Experience immersive feeling of passive stereo display at low-cost

A cost-saving version of 3D cenima system can be built by 2 projectors, bringing you a never-in-before stereoscopic experience. AGT-T-Pro automatically supports 3D sources in multi-formats such as 3D Blu-ray sources in left and right formats or in top and down formats etc., through which users can experience a realistic picture.



Unique fusion algorithm, professional at details

AGT-T-Pro can compensate and improve the light leakage caused by various projection hardwares wuch as DLP, LCD, LPT, LCOS, LED etc. By eliminate the light leakage phonomenon in the fusion or non-fusion area to enable graphic to be perfectly presented.

Light leakage phenomenon

AGT-T-Pro display



Improve work efficiency by specified wuizard-style debugging method

With the wizard-style debugging software,engineers or users can fullfil the debugging and setup of the display system in a easy manner. Morover, it supports the automatic debugging function of the fusion belt and importing function of engineering debugging date, which can guarantte the better service of system.

Vairouse humanized and intelligent cotrol methods

Wirelss touch screen control: Equipped with DDMALL’s wireless color touch screen TP-700C, it can realize the centralized management and control of programmable human-computer interaction.

wall panel control: Equipped with DDMALL’S four-button/eight-button wall panel, it can realize centralized coordination and management of distributed equipments in the projection display system.

Pure hardware Design

Using standard 1U rack structure makes it compact size. Power on and it will work, and the boot time is less than 5s. MTBF greater than 30,000 hours, no operating system, no crashes and other problems.

Low-resolution image analysis and conversion technology

Use the similarity of different images in high-frequency details, and obtain the relationship between high-resolution and low-resolution images by learning algorithms and applying complementary information between adjacent images for reconstruction.

Geometric image distortion

The built-in high-tech nonlinear distortion correction processing mathematical model corrects the geometry of the projected image, and performs similarity judgment, multi-dimensional space deformation analysis, deformation parameter calculation, and single-pixel geometric correction for images of multiple resolution formats to achieve horizontal, Longitudinal positioning adjustment and arbitrary geometric deformation.

Full digital point-to-point picture overlay

Support full-digital point-to-point applications, and can use self-combination, color super-resolution technology, overlapping images to achieve a clear display of point-to-point fusion.

Color adjustment

Using the industry's most advanced multi-color and multi-grayscale color adjustment technology, the original four-color adjustment is upgraded to seven-color adjustment, which greatly improves the color correction effect and has wide applicability.

Image adjustment characteristics

You can adjust the content of the image including brightness, contrast, color, and horizontal and vertical positioning to ensure the best quality picture.

Input signal parallel processing

With the most advanced high-speed digital signal multi-bus parallel processing mechanism, the processing speed of each channel is fixed to ensure that the signal does not lose any frames and the real-time display of the image, so that the image reaches no trailing and no pause.

Optimizes video upscaling

Adopt the world's best video signal optimization solution, and allocate sufficient resources to perform a series of complex processing such as motion compensation and digital noise reduction on the input signal, which can ensure real-time processing of all videos, eliminate aliasing and jitter phenomenon and make picture more smooth and stable.

Processing Capacity

Equivalent bus bandwidth: 256GBPS
Equivalent advanced cache: 4M
Equivalent processing speed: 66.56GMIPS
Parallel computing chip: Single chip capacity 70,000LE
Video memory: Single output channel 256M

Video input

Input interface: 1 channel DVI-I (1 channel DVI-D compatible HDMI, 1 channel VGA)
Connector: 1 DVI-I socket
Resolution range: 800 * 600, 1920 * 1200 to 3840 × 1200
Horizontal frequency: 50kHz-100 kHz
Vertical frequency: 50Hz-85 Hz
Impedance: 75 ohm
Pixel clock: 165MHz
Color depth: 30bit / pixel
Zoom and display: scaling 0.3—10

Video output

Output interface: 2 DVI-I output
Connector: 2 DVI-I sockets
Resolution range: 1024 * 768, 1440 * 900, 1280 * 800, 1920 * 1080, 1920 * 1200
Color depth: 24bit / pixel
Pixel clock: 165MHz
Refresh rate: 60-120Hz
Standard: DVI1.0

Control method

Management interface: Dual RS232 management port
Connector: 9 pin D socket
Serial control: RS-232 (9-pin D socket)
Wireless touch screen control: External wireless color touch screen (optional)
Program control: AGT-TS, AGT-XP control software


Product Dimension:11×5×3inches (L×M×H)
Weight: 2KG
Color: Black
Power Source: 50V/10A/DC
Power Dissipation: 40W
Operating Temperature: 5~40℃
Operating Humidity: 15-85%(Non-condensing)
Operating Noise: <45dB
MBTF: >30000h