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DDMall 4K Screen Splitter Multi-viewer AGS-P-4K For Expandable Large-screen Image

DDMall 4K Screen Splitter Multi-viewer AGS-P-4K For Expandable Large-screen Image


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AGS-P-4K:  4K Multi-screen Processor, Satisfy Your High-definition Multi-screen Presentation. 

√ Pure FPGA hardware technology. 

√ Simultaneously display multiple dynamic images. 

√ Multiple windowing modes like 4K-UHD full-screen display, HD quad-view, picture-in-picture display. the windowing presets are customizable to save for fast recall. 

√ Allows flexibly handling of various craping, roaming, overlay, and PIP of 4K and 2K images. 

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Brief Introduction 

AGS-P-4K series is a modular, digital, networked, and expandable real-time multi-screen processor, which can simultaneously display multiple dynamic images on 4K projectors, monitors, TVs and other devices, support 4/8/12/16 screens, etc. and a wide range of signal inputs including 4K HDMI/ 4K Dual-Link/ DVI/ HDMI/ SDI/ Fiber/ CAT/ HDBaseT/ VGA/ CVBS/ Ypbpr/ IP, etc., Allows flexibly handling of various craping, roaming, overlay, and PIP of 4K and 2K images. It is a perfect option for military, medical, video conferencing and other applications that not only require delicate image quality, but also require multiple image presentation.


FPGA Hardware Technology

AGS-P-4K series adopts plug-in modules design, advanced FPGA technology is embedded, featuring it powerful image processing functions and high reliability, users can select different chassis and flexibly combine input and output cards within the range of card slots allowed by the chassis to carry out the DIY module design of the device according to actual needs. Supports a wide range of signal access including 4K HDMI/ 4K Dual-Link/ DVI/HDMI/ SDI/ Fiber/ CAT/ HDBaseT/ VGA/ CVBS/ Ypbpr/ IP etc., allowing up to 20 signal access, can choose 4K@30Hz or 4K@60Hz split function output cards. Each single device can meet display requirements for up to 4, 8, 12, and 16 screens. Users can upgrade the device online, adjust and expanse functions independently to meet the diverse needs.


UHD Image Presents Visual Feast

AGS-P-4K series built-in standard 4K timing, allows it automatically and perfectly matches with any size, any brand, any type of 4K display devices, including 4K monitors, 4K TVs, 4K projectors, etc., makes the display unrestricted and brings users an UHD visual feast.


4K UHD Resolution Makes Image More Vivid

Supports point-to-point and pixel-level synchronous display of 4K×2K UHD images. 4K UHD has as many as 8 million pixels, which is 4 times than the resolution of 1080p FHD and 8 times that of HD 720p, makes image more delicate and realistic. In addition, AGS-P-4K series supports 2 types of 4K input cards as follows:

HDMI 4K input card: HDMI 1.4a standard, HDMI2.0, in line with HDCP standard

Dual-link DVI input card: DVI1.0 standard, built-in EDID management.


Freely Allocate Your Presentation

The screen layout can be freely allocated, such as 4/2/6/8/9/12/16 screens, PIP, superimposed roaming and other layout methods for any 2K and 4K signals. The layout can be saved freely by actual needs and recall with one key, so that the presentation is fast and convenient.


Easier to View Signal by OSD Logo

Support the input of OSD logo to identify and classify signals from different devices and name the signal source simultaneously. The OSD logo (color and name) will be showed together when displaying, which is more convenient for the classification and management of various data.


Present Integration Based on HD/UHD Decoding

Compatible with H.264 and H.265 decoding standard, supports decode IP standard cameras and special encoding terminals of various brands, features ability to simultaneously decode 1* 4K, 4* 1080p, and 8* 720p, and the decoded data can be arbitrarily switched and displayed, which reflects the multi-screen presentation more powerful.


Customized Grouping, Flexible Management

The customized grouping design based on the FPGA technology allows AGS-P-4K series to be regards as a single device for an independent splitter system, or as multiple devices for a splitter system with multiple screens. It can be divided according to different rooms and different device modules, so unified centralized and distributed management can be realized through different operation interfaces, and permissions can be set for each group according to requirements, making management more simple, clear and flexible.


Humanized Management by Network Control

AGS-P-4K series supports management mode of network control, which can realize simultaneous control of multiple splitters in the same LAN, that refers users can simultaneously operate multi-screen presentation system in multiple conference rooms or monitoring rooms in one place, the management is hierarchical and can be switched, making the management more humanized.


Wide Using to Help Delicate Work

AGS-P-4K series helps users to complete more delicate work more and more smoothly by applying 4K audio-visual technology, especially in professional fields such as command and dispatch, aerospace, medical surgery and precision instrument manufacturing.


Graphical Interface, Smart Management

Enter OSD logos to classify signal from different devices.

Automatic signal identification, real-time monitoring of operating status.

One-key, broadcast signal switching to realize fast data presentation.

Built-in data grouping, scene setting, advocating scientific management mode.

Authority management to ensure data security.

Data backup and quick recovery, support data sync with new devices.




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DDMall 4K Screen Splitter Multi-viewer AGS-P-4K For Expandable Large-screen Image
DDMall 4K Screen Splitter Multi-viewer AGS-P-4K For Expandable Large-screen Image
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