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DDMALL SEV-2K 3G SDI Encoder, Streaming SDI with SRT in 1080p@60Hz

DDMALL SEV-2K 3G SDI Encoder, Streaming SDI with SRT in 1080p@60Hz


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Energy-Efficient & USB-Powered: Ultra-low power consumption 2.5W only, powered by USB-C connection to the signal source USB port or mobile power bank. The compact size in 90x46x22mm makes it incredibly easy to set up and highly portable, allowing you to stream effortlessly from any location.

SD/HD/3G SDI Input: Support SDI input in 1080p@60Hz and H.264/H.265 encoding output with a maximum resolution of 1080P@60Hz at video bitrate up to 16M. Available to choose between SDI embedded-in audio input and 3.5mm analog Line in/ Mic in audio input ensuring flexibility in capturing high-quality audio for your streams.

Portable SRT Encoder: Support 2K@60Hz SRT stream, enabling end-to-end IP Video streaming with DDMALL SRT decoders, and offering secure, low-latency, and high-performance streaming solutions; third-party decoder and SRT live streaming platform are compatible, expanding your streaming options even further.

Real-Time OSD Settings: Allow to add or modify logo, image, or text to your video for output display during your streaming at any time. This feature allows for real-time customization, making your streams more engaging and personalized.

Cloud Management & Multi-Protocol: Support DDMALL LinkCloud platform, enabling quick protocol switching to RTMP/RTMPS, RTSP, UDP, HLS, and other protocols according to your streaming needs by downloading the firmware package through the platform (The default protocol is SRT).

SD for Video Recording: Equipped with a micro SD card slot, which allows for recording, storage, and download in future firmware updates. Providing additional convenience and advanced flexibility for managing your streaming content.


DDMALL SEV-2K enhances your SDI streaming experience with such a mini form-factor device. It supports Max. 1080P@60Hz SD/HD/3G SDI input and H.264/H.265 encoding output in 1080p@60Hz at video bitrate up to 16Mbps. With ultra-low power consumption, it is conveniently powered by a USB-C connection, allowing you to stream on the go. With SDI embedded-in audio and external 3.5mm Line in/Mic in audio are supported. By default, the 3G SDI encoder is with built-in SRT protocol, securing end-to-end IP video streaming in high-quality and low-latency transmission. It can be managed by web UI and DDMALL Link Cloud system, from the Cloud, you can update the protocol and manage all the configuration regarding the requirements. With built-in SD card slot, the SDI encoder will support video recording soon by firmware updating. 

Key Features

USB-Powered: Consume only 2.5W of power and can be powered via USB-C connection to the signal source or a mobile power bank. No additional power adapter is needed. Easy setup and high portability.

HD Video Streaming: Support SD, HD, or 3G SDI input in 1080p60Hz and H.264/H.265 encoding output in1080P@60Hz at up to 16M video bitrate. Support SDI embedded audio and external 3.5mm audio. 

Efficient SDI Streaming with SRT: By default, the SDI encoder is with built-in SRT protocol. Through DDMALL Link Cloud system, you can update the protocol by downloading the corresponding protocol package. 

Real-Time OSD Settings: Allows dynamic customization of video output during streaming. Add or change logos, images, or text in real-time, enhancing engagement and personalization.

Cloud-Based SDI Encoder: It is a Cloud managed SDI encoder. you can manage the encoder and configure the parameters through DDMALL Link Cloud system. Or you can also manage it through web UI. 

Recoding & Storage & downloading: Equipped with a micro SD card slot for recording, storage, and downloading. You can achieve the recording function via firmware update soon. 

Hardware Appearance

SDI Input: Support SDI/HD/3G SDI input and encoding output with a maximum resolution of 1080p@60Hz at video bit rates up to 16Mbps.

Audio Input: SDI embedded-in audio input and 3.5mm analog Line in/ Mic in audio input.

USB-C Port: Directly powered by 5V/1A USB connection to the USB-C port of the signal sources or the mobile power bank.

Indicators: LED lights indicate the power and signal status of the device.

Ethernet Port: RJ45 port for controlling the network of the device.

Reset Button: One click to reset factory settings.

SD Card Slot: Bearing the micro SD card for stream recording, storage and download.


Power Supply 5V/1 A (powered by USB-C)
Power Consumption 2.5W
Operating Temperature -10~50℃(14~122℉)
Storage Temperature -20~85℃(-4~185℉)
Operating Humidity 10%- 90%RH (Non-condensing)
Weight 129g
Dimension 90mm(L)*46mm(W)*22mm(H)
MTBF 30,000H
Input SD/HD/3G SDI
Input Resolution 1080p@60/50/30/25, 1080i@60/50, 720p@60/50/30
Compression Standard H.264/H.265
Encoding output Resolution

1080p@60Hz,1080p@30Hz,720p@60Hz, 960×720@60Hz, 960×540@60Hz, 640×480@60Hz.

The primary stream supports up to 1080p@60Hz 16Mbps, and the secondary stream supports up to 720p@30Hz at 8Mbps.



Input SDI embedded audio, external audio(3.5mm jack)
Compression Standard AAC
Bitrate 32kbps~256kbps
Transmission Protocol SRT
Control Method Web UI/DDMALL Link Cloud System
Default IP address
Web UI Login Default user name/password: admin/admin
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DDMALL SEV-2K 3G SDI Encoder, Streaming SDI with SRT in 1080p@60Hz
DDMALL SEV-2K 3G SDI Encoder, Streaming SDI with SRT in 1080p@60Hz
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