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DDMALL HEM-4K 4K Encoding Module & Starter Kit, OEM-Ready SRT HTTP HLS RTMP RTMPS Modules

DDMALL HEM-4K 4K Encoding Module & Starter Kit, OEM-Ready SRT HTTP HLS RTMP RTMPS Modules


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【OEM-Ready HDMI Coding Module】HEM-4K is an OEM-ready audio video coding module for easier integration into your production systems. The HDMI streaming module is ready to ship so you can have them in the shortest time. 

【4K UHD Encoding Module】HDMI input resolution is up to 4K@30Hz and encoding output up to 4K@30Hz or 2K@60Hz with H.265/HEVC or H.264/AVC codec. the video bitrate is up to 64Mbps. Multiple streaming protocols are in place to satisfy various needs like RTP, RTSP, RTMP, RTMPS, UDP, TCP, HLS, SRT and more. 

【Energy-Efficiency & Cost-Saving】HEM-4K encoding module is quite mini and ultra-lightweight with ultra-low power consumption. Easy to install in your production systems to enjoy all the functionalities of a HDMI encoder, which greatly reduce the total cost of ownership while saving time and energy. 

【Robust Compatibility】HEM-4K is a 4K ultra-high defination coding module, which provides kinds of docking interfaces for DDMALL products docking or third-party software or hardware device docking. It will streamline your system setup to a large extent. 

【Customization & Firmware Update】HEM-4K is an OEM-ready coding module, which supports customization according to your requirements. Moreover, it allows firmware update with the evolving of requirements. It is universally adaptable for all systems to realize long-distance audio video transmission and live streaming. 

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DDMALL Technology

DDMALL Technology is the proprietary brand of Atel Technologies Co., Ltd. As a company comprised of R&D and manufacture, we have been dedicated to hardware video codec products for over 20years. Foot on video over IP industry, we have developed a series of hardware HDMI over Ethernet transmitters, extenders, live video encoders, decoders, A/V processors, matrix switchers, HDMI cables etc. To meet the ever-growing segmented market demands and keep our customers one-step ahead in the market, we will stay innovative and sharpen our technology to provide more versatile, reliable, stable but less cost and carbon footage solutions for video transmission, distribution and live streaming.

4k encoding module

HEM-4K is a 4K OEM-ready audio and video encoding module that supports various streaming media protocols like RTP, RTSP, RTMP, RTMPS, UDP, TCP, HLS, SRT. It simplifies the overall system design, reduces product development time and total cost of ownership. HEM-4K is an integration of standard hardware and software audio/video systems with H.265/H.264 high-efficiency codec, providing all kinds of docking interfaces. It allows third-party software or hardware types for docking. This ultra HD coding module supports HDMI input up to 4K@30Hz and encoding output up to 4K@30Hz or 2K@60Hz with video bitrate up to 64Mbps. Moreover, to meet the segmented market demands, we provides hardware and software customization as well as firmware update. Buying this encoding model, customers can be assured and focus more on the final application of their systems and realize long-distance video audio transmission or live streaming easily.

4k encoding module


Oustanding Features of DDMALL 4K Coding Module

1, Integration of standard software and hardware audio/video system.

2, Compact form factor—save space and ultra-low power consumption.

3, Universal design-reduce product development time and total cost.

4, Ultra-high quality video—support input up to 4K@30Hz and encoding output up to 4K@30Hz or 2K@60Hz; video bitrate is up to 64Mbps.

5, High-efficiency encoding—support H.264/H.265

6, Support almost main protocols like RTP/RTSP/RTMP/RTMPS/UDP/TCP/HLS/SRT etc. and provide firmware update for special requirements of different industries on streaming media.

7, DDNS—Leveraging this function, users can realize intranet traversal, remotely control the encoder through domain, and set up video transmission on public Internet.

8, Provide all kinds of docking interfaces—support third-party software and  hardware types for docking.

9, Support hardware customization—different hardware form factors can be designed based on same standard.

10, Support software customization.


Starter Kit

To help customer quickly debug and use the functionalities of encoding module, and save total cost of ownership, DDMALL also developed corresponding debugging I/O board, which provides I/O interfaces for module audio and video connection, network connection etc. Users can run all of functionalities of encoding module by embedding the module into the I/O interface on the debugging board. One I/O board can load up to 4 encoding modules simultaneously. Moreover, the encoding module + I/O board can be put into use directly as a multi-channel audio and video encoding device.

Description Parameters
Sku HEM-4K
Expansion Interface BH501P-030-R00200*2
Interfaces HDMI In
Analog Audio In
USB 2.0
Memory ROM: DDR3 1GB
Flash: 512MB
Size 60x30mm
Power supply DC5V/1A
Power consumption 5W Max


Description Parameters
Operating System Linux
Video input format 720P50/60,1080P23/24/25/30/59/60
Video codec H.264/H.265
3840*2160@30 + 1920*1080@60
Audio codec AAC/32Kbps~256Kbps
Transmission mode Unicast/Multicast
Control interface UART/WEB UI


Hardware Frame Chart


Software Frame Chart

Part of Connection Circuit Diagram

1、Connector signal definition

2、Network transformer connection

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DDMALL HEM-4K 4K Encoding Module & Starter Kit, OEM-Ready SRT HTTP HLS RTMP RTMPS Modules
DDMALL HEM-4K 4K Encoding Module & Starter Kit, OEM-Ready SRT HTTP HLS RTMP RTMPS Modules
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