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DDMALL HDD-10W Full HD Wireless HDMI Video Decoder for Decoding IP camera, Wifi Decoder for Decoding Encoder

DDMALL HDD-10W Full HD Wireless HDMI Video Decoder for Decoding IP camera, Wifi Decoder for Decoding Encoder


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HDD-10W: 2K Wireless HDMI Video Decoder, Mini SRT Decoder 

Mini & Low Power IP Decoder: 75x32x15mm/25g. Power by USB cable. Type-A Male HDMI connector. Easy installation and setup. 

Full HD Wireless SRT Decoder: SRT supported to offer secure, reliable and low-latency end-to-end IP stream decoding by pairing with DDMALL SRT encoder. Third-party SRT encoders compatible. 

High-Quality Video: resolution up to 2K, decoding and HDMI output up to 1080p@60Hz at high bitrate with HEVC/AVC compression. 

Camera Decoder: support ONVIF, RTSP, UDP, TCP, SRT protocol. Professional mini IP decoding wireless solution for IP cameras or NVRs. 

5G+2.4G Dual-Band Wi-Fi: embedded dual-band high-performance Wifi antenna provides reliable wireless network connectivity. 

The HDD-10W is a powerful HDMI video decoder features in mini size(75x32x15mm/25g) and USB-powered. The HDMI decoder is USB-powered with type-A male connector design, featuring tidy installation without cable-clutters. As a full HD hardware encoder decoder in DDMALL portfolio, it supports to decode up to 1080P@60Hz video and HDMI output up to 1080P@60Hz at high bitrate. The IP streaming decoder adopts H.265 HEVC and H.264 AVC technologies, delivering pristine full HD quality video. It is a SRT supported decoder, performing secure, reliable, and low latency full HD video when pairing with DDMALL SRT encoder or third-party SRT encoders. with built-in 2.4G+5G dual-band wifi antenna, the wifi decoder offers easy and stable network connectivity for streaming video. The IP decoder offers an portable, flexible solution to decode IP cameras, NVR devices, and network streams. Integrate the HDMI decoder into your IPTV system, surveillance system, video distribution system, broadcast system, and more to perform nice video transmission.


As a low power hardware decoder, we know how reliable performance means to a user. So at the first beginning when we design this encoder, we embed SRT protocol. Pair with DDMALL SRT encoder or other brand SRT encoder to perform secure, high-quality, stable, low-delay end-to-end video transmission. Even on extreme congested network, you can do it with ease. SRT protect your video from packet loss, jitter and freeze. 

Full HD SRT Video Decoder

Easy USB-Powered

Online Upgrading

Portable design, 2K high-definition quality SRT streaming decoder, securing your video from packet loss and jittering even over unpredicable networks. power it by a USB cable then you are on the go with ease. No fear of power shortage as it will get enough juice when your display has a USB port.  HEVC/H.265, AVC/H.264 compression. decode and output up to 1080p@60Hz. Firmware upgradable to add new features. 

Dedicated "Wireless" Streamline Your Video System

As the most mini hardware decoder on the market with functions density, the HDD-10W is confident to process IP streaming decoding on your network wirelessly. Forget network cables and power adapter, the wreless HDMI decoder will amaze you how neat and easy to set it up on your network wirelessly. Worry about the video transmission performance? Ho man, just take care of your wireless router. If it can provide enough juice for network connectivity, the HDD-10W will decode your fulll HD video at high bitrates. Immersively experience the smooth and crisp video quality. 

Diagram to show setup method of HDMI encoder in your video system.   Diagram to show easy installation and wide capatibility



 Power Supply  5V/1 A (USB cable powered ) Power Consumption 2.6W
Work Temperature 10~65℃ (14~149℉) Storage Temperature
-20~85℃ (-4~185℉)
Work Humidity 10%- 90%RH (Non-condensing) Product Weight 25g/0.055lbs
Product Dimension 75x32x15mm/2.95x1.26x0.59in MTBF(mean time between failures) 30,000h
Video Input Standard HDMI 2.0 Video Codec H.265/HEVC and H.264/AVC
Supported Protocols  SRT, RTSP, ONVIF, UDP, TCP,      Supported Output Resolution


1920*1080i@60/50Hz, 1280*720p@60/50Hz,

Supported Stream Input Resolution

1920*1080p@60/30Hz, 1280*720p@60/30Hz,


Audio Input Standard HDMI embedded audio input, 3.5mm analog
Audio Encoding Format

G.711u, AAC

Compression Level BaseLine, Main, High
Control Method

Web UI

Default AP Mode IP


What's In the Package

*1× HDD-10W HDMI Decoder

*1×HDMI Male to Female Cable

*1×Micro USB Power Cable

*1 x Quick Installation Manual

*1 x Warranty Card 

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DDMALL HDD-10W Full HD Wireless HDMI Video Decoder for Decoding IP camera, Wifi Decoder for Decoding Encoder
DDMALL HDD-10W Full HD Wireless HDMI Video Decoder for Decoding IP camera, Wifi Decoder for Decoding Encoder
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