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DDMALL AGT-BT Video Processor HD for Image Geometry Calibration, Image Warping on Various Screens

DDMALL AGT-BT Video Processor HD for Image Geometry Calibration, Image Warping on Various Screens


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The AGT-BT:  Image geometry calibration, perform image arbitrary deformation operations from a single projector.

Pure FPGA Technology: With FPGA technology, the AGT-BT edge blending processor is features in metal chassis, compact and easy setup.

Interfaces: 1* HDMI input(DVI compatible), HDCP supported; 1*HDMI output(DVI compatible); 1*RS232 control port

Key Features: Geometry calibration, warp content on any screen geometry;  blend curves optimization for image presentation in detail.

2K HD Resolution: HD resolution supported from 800*600@60Hz to 1920*1200@60Hz

The AGT-BT is a video edge blending processor for single projection image geometry calibration. Arbitrary image deformation operattions can be performed. It warps the contect to any screen geometry, non-geometry, regular or irregular so that the projection image can adapt to different represetation environment. The image processor supports 1*HDMI input and 1*HDMI output with image resolution from 800*600@60Hz to 1920*1200@60Hz. 

  1) 1* HDMI input (compatible with DVI), HDCP compliant

  2) 1* HDMI output (compatible with DVI)

  3) 1* RS232 control port

  4) DIP switch. Users can set the device address according to the application needs for multi-device management. 

  5) 1* RS485 control port

  6) 12V/1A power interface


Projection Image Presentation in Realism 

Pairing with general projectors or off-axis projectors with high step keystone cabliration, the AGT-BT corrects any geometry shapes of images at different resolutions in 2D or 3D formats, such as planar screens, dome projections, spheres or heteromophic shapes etc. It precisely performs carbliration in any pixel of the image, ensuring projection image display flawlessness without dropping any frame. 

Blended Curves Optimization for Image Details

During the image geometry or non-geomtry deformation, Some trivial blend curves occurs to the image boarder, bringing flaws to the rendering effect. The AGT-BT enables image curve optimiztion and bezel compensation to eliminate any errors in image presentation. 

Smart Brightness Uplifting

AGT-BT adopts the most advanced seven-color 256-gray level color adjustment technology and light leakage compensation mechanism, so that any dark pixel area can be brought back to vivid and bright, greatly improving the overall image quality and realistically restoring the real scene.

Being on the Scene by Active 3D Stereo

AGT-BT can be paired with active stereoscopic projectors, and automatically supports a variety of 3D input sources, which can provide users with immersive realistic of being on the scene.

Easy Commissioning & Setup

Utilizing the guided graphical interface debugging software, the calibration and debugging of the projection image can be completed through the graphics adjustment, without professional training, ordinary engineers and even users can easily realize the debugging and setting of the display system, simplifying the implementation process.

General Parameters 

Video Input——HDMI Input
Number/ Signal Type 1* HDMI Input  
Connector HDMI Female
Input Resolution 1080P@60Hz、720P@60Hz、800*600@60Hz、1024*768@60Hz、1280*800@60Hz、1280*1024@60Hz、1360*768@60Hz、1366*768@60Hz、1400*1050@60Hz、1600*900@60Hz、1600*1200@60Hz、1680*1050@60Hz
Standard HDMI1.4
Video Output--HDMI Output
Number/ Signal Type 1* HDMI Output
Connector HDMI Female
Output Resolution 1080P@60Hz、720P@60Hz、800*600@60Hz、1024*768@60Hz、1280*800@60Hz、1280*1024@60Hz、1360*768@60Hz、1366*768@60Hz、1400*1050@60Hz、1600*900@60Hz、1600*1200@60Hz、1680*1050@60Hz
Standard HDMI1.4
Control Methods
Serial Control RS-232 (9-pin DB connector) , RS485
DIP Control DIP Switch
General Specifications
Operating Temperature -10~45 Celsius Degree
Operating Humidity 15%~85% Non-condensing
Power Supply DC 12V/1A
Power Consumption 5W
Net Weight 0.7KG
Dimension 123mm* 104mm*26mm(L*W*H)
MTBF 30, 000 H

[Purchase Reminder]

For diffenerent application scenarios, almost DDMALL display processors need to be customized based on customer’s requirements. We would recommend you to contact us and tell us your using scenario or required technical parameters before order. 

Meanwhile, technical background is a must to perform test and commissiong of DDMALL display processors. If you are not technical enough, we will recommend you to check in with us. Professional technical guide and free training will be offered to tackle the problems occured in your processing.

In the future, DDMALL will recruit a oversea expert team focusing on technical support and field installation services in local markets. If you are a technical stuff, who are willing to accept technical training for DDMALL products and are dedicated to provide professional technical service in your market, please contact us.

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DDMALL AGT-BT Video Processor HD for Image Geometry Calibration, Image Warping on Various Screens
DDMALL AGT-BT Video Processor HD for Image Geometry Calibration, Image Warping on Various Screens
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