4K H.265 HDMI Encoder

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Quick Overview:The HEV-4K is a small, compact, yet powerful HDMI video encoder for live streaming and broadcasting over Ethernet. It features real 4K (3820×2160) encoding, and has both the newer HEVC/H.265 video codec as well as the H.264/AVC codec in the same unit. Its ease of use allows anyone to quickly and reliable stream professional quality video to a large audience.

DDMALL is a professional manufacturer and designer of hardware video encoders & decoders with over 20 years’ experience. We are specialists in this niche video over IP industry and supply to a range of markets worldwide. Our products are set apart from the competition in terms of reliability, performance, integration and compatibility.

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DDMALL 4K SRT HDMI Video Encoder

Small Size, Professional Features

The DDMALL HEV-4K encoder features real 4K encoding, and has both the newer H.265 codec as well as the H.264 codec in the same small unit. It encodes audio/video from HDMI source and delivers Ultra HD quality streams up to 3820×2160@30Hz or Full HD streams at 1080p with low encoding latency over wired Ethernet. This stand-alone device is ideal for integration projects, particularly in portable and demanding applications such as manned and unmanned airborne platforms or live field broadcasting.

• Mini size - especially ideal for mobile applications.
• Supports maximum video input up to Ultra HD 3820×2160@30Hz.
• Streams at up to Ultra HD 3820×2160@30Hz, or Full HD 1080p.
• Real 4K quality - no fake upscaled 4K encoding.
• Maximum video bitrate up to 64Mbps.
• Powered by USB. No AC power adapter needed.
• Ultra low power consumption of only 1.8W.
• Professional-grade performance. Supports 24/7 working.

Customize Logo or Text

When you are doing live streaming, you can add text, watermark and logo to the video stream to customize your output display. This allows you to add production value and enhance the viewer experience of your broadcast.
• Church Live Streaming.
• Campus Broadcast.
• Wedding Ceremonies.
• Education Training.
• Online Live Broadcast.
• UAV/Drone Applications.

No Software Needed

The DDMALL HEV-4K doesn't require driver or software installation. It is controlled via a login-protected web-based user interface, which is accessible on any web-enabled devices, such as PC, tablet and smart phone. No software installation required.




● [Real 4K SRT Encoder]
Encode audio/video up to Ultra HD 4K@30Hz and stream to YouTube, Facebook or other platforms over ethernet cable, Both H.265/HEVC and H.264/AVC codecs. Max resolutions up to 3840×2160@30Hz and Full HD at 1080p@60Hz with bitrate up to 64Mbps. 8.3 million individual pixels provide awesome image quality and incredible clarity with defined details, which will offer superior visual experience when 4K video streaming is processing.

●[Low Power Consumption & Portable]
Weighing 0.04lb, Sizing 3.0×1.2×0.8in with 2.2W power consumption. It can be powered directly from most HDMI sources without additional power supply. Pocket-sized and all-in-one design make it ideally suited for integration projects, particularly in portable and demanding applications such as manned and unmanned airborne platforms or live filed broadcasting.

● [Application & Protocols]
Support RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, TS, RTP, UDP, TCP, Multicast, Unicast, We have joined the SRT protocol and become its prime. Applicable for telemedicine, remote teaching, CCTV surveillance, live stage performance, business conference forum, industry exhibition, annual meeting or game live broadcast.

●[Live Preview & OSD Setting]
You can add static or scroll text, logo or time to the output video stream to customize your output displayed video. Meanwhile, you can also adjust the parameter of output video via webpage and use the VLC media player to preview your live video in real time on the Web UI without external display.

●[Free Lifetime Support]
All products in DDMALL include 3-Year manufacturer warranty and free lifetime technical support.We are committed to innovating professional encoders and comprehensive technical support to enhance customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, we offer a variety of features customization services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us.


   • Video Codec: H.265/HEVC & H.264/AVC

   • Supported Streaming Protocol: RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, SRT, TS, RTP over UDP, RTP over TCP, Multicast, Unicast, TCP, UDP.

   • Supported Video Input Resolutions: 3820×2160@30/25/24Hz, 1080p@60/50/30Hz, 1080i@60/50Hz, 720p@60/50/720p@30Hz

   • Supported Streaming Resolutions: 3820×2160@30Hz, 1080p@60Hz, 720p@60/30Hz, 960×720@60Hz, 960×540@60Hz, 640×480@60Hz, 360×200@60Hz

   • Adjustable Video Bitrate: 128Kpbs~64Mpbs (CBR/VBR/AVBR/FixQP Controlling Mode), manual bitrate supported

   • TTL value is adjustable

   • Supported Audio: HDMI Embedded Audio and external 3.5mm Analog Audio (Line Audio and Microphone Audio) Audio Codec: AAC, G.711u

   • Key Frame Interval (GOP) is tunable

   • Compression profile (Baseline/Main/High)

   • Stable and energy-efficient, supports 7 x 24h working time

   • Supports remote management in WAN (WEB)

   • Ideal for many applications, such as church live streaming, online broadcasting, UAV/Drone applications, IPTV/NVR systems and more.




   • The HEV-4K can be powered from most HDMI source devices directly. For some devices with low power HDMI port, you can power on it using any basic USB connection (e.g. a USB port on your PC, USB hub, power bank, etc.), no proprietary AC adapter needed.

   • The latest firmware is available for download at the DDMALL Forum.