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4K H.265 HDMI Encoder

4K H.265 HDMI Encoder


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Portable SRT HDMI Encoder: Ultra-mini size(75x32x22mm/2.95x1.26x0.87in) and ultra-lightweight(32g/0.07lbs); the live streaming encoder is perfect for the live streaming applications with frequent move or tiny device installation space. 

Energy-Efficient & USB-Powered: Ultra-low power consumption (2.6W). The HDMI encoder can take power from most HDMI ports directly without extra power supply,  or accept power from the USB port of signal sources or mobile power bank with power adapter-free, making it absolutely wonderful for the live streaming applications that require long working time, frequent move, or tiny installation space.

Remote Control & Stream on Internet: Support DDNS; you can easily control the IP encoder via domain remotely on public Internet and set up video transmission without any third-party live platform getting involved. 

4K NDI Encoder: NDI|HX2 supported; this HDMI encoder delivers 4K high-quality video in low latency and low bandwidth; third-party NDI systems compatible over Ethernet.

Versatile Features & Robust Performance: Simultaneously go live to up to 4 platforms, compatible with YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and more; real-time OSD setting, and preview the HDMI input video status via web UI; stream outputs up to 4K at 64Mbps with HEVC compression; support protocols like NDI, SRT, HLS, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, RTP, TCP, UDP, Multicast, Unicast.

HEV-4K is a portable 4K HDMI live streaming encoder. With ultra-mini and ultra-lightweight form factor, it is simple to plug to the HDMI port of signal sources. Benefiting from its ultra-low power consumption, the HDMI encoder can take power from most HDMI ports directly without additional power supply; or it accepts power from the USB port of HDMI sources or mobile power bank by USB connection. NDI|HX2 support, so the NDI encoder delivers high-quality video in true 4K with NDI compatible systems over LAN or Ethernet. If the reliability and security tops your consideration, go streaming with SRT protocol; if you prefer to stream with other protocols, just choose your desired one from HLS, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, RTP, UDP, TCP. Normally, the video encoder can work as an IPTV encoder. Simply integrate it into your IPTV system, and it will stream the IPTV contents in true UHD clarity. As an IP streaming encoder, it allows to simultaneously go live to up to 4 live platforms with RTMP, RTMPS, or SRT protocol; if you are a content creator or live event host, wishing to broadcast your live video via multiple platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Wowza, Vimeo and more, this video encoder will give you definately an ideal option. Beyond that, the DDNS supported encoder makes you travel with worry-free. No matter where you are, you can control your encoder thousands miles away through domain and set up video transmission on public Internet in a few seconds. 

4K NDI encoder


4K NDI encoder

Support NDI protocol; the live streaming encoder delivers UHD video audio in true 4K clarity with low latency and low bandwidth. compatible with any third-party NDI compatible systems over LAN or Ethernet. 





portable live video encoder


Stream on 4 platforms

The HDMI live video encoder allows to simultaneously stream on up to 4 platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Vimeo, Wowza, Livestreams and more with up to 4K@30 image clarity. 




Key Features 

• True 4K quality without fake upscaling: the video encoder HDMI inputs up to 4K@30Hz and encoding outputs up to 4K@30Hz at up to 64Mbps; refuse fake upscaling and experience unbievable true 4K high-quality video. 

• Support multiple protocols: the streaming encoder support NDI, SRT, HLS, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, RTP, UDP, TCP, Multicast, Unicast. Freely go live with your desired streaming protocol. 

• Remote control: you can remotely control your live encoder via domain and set up video transmission on public Internet. When you are travelling, access to your video encoder by several steps in a few minutes, you can stream remotely with ease. 

• OSD settings in real-time: the IP encoder allows to add logo/text/image to any position of video for output while you are streaming without interrupting your live video. 

• Video preview: the streaming encoder allows to monitor your input video status in real time via web UI; you can open the web UI by any web-enabled device to do the settings conveniently. 

• Reliable lifecycle--Support 24/7 working durance. Lifetime technical support is in place. 


 Power Supply  5V/1 A (USB cable powered ) Power Consumption 2.6W
Work Temperature 10~65℃ (14~149℉) Storage Temperature -20~85℃ (-4~185℉)
Work Humidity 10%- 90%RH (Non-condensing) Product Weight 32g/0.07lbs
Product Dimension 75x32x22mm/2.95x1.26x0.87in MTBF(mean time between failures) 30,000h
Video Input Standard HDMI 1.4A Video Codec H.265/HEVC and H.264/AVC
Supported Protocols  NDI, SRT, HLS, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, RTP, UDP, TCP, Multicast, Unicast Supported Input Resolution


1080i@60Hz,1080i@50Hz, 720p@60/50/30Hz

Supported Output Resolution

3840*2160@30Hz,1080p@60Hz, 720p@60/30Hz,

960*720@60Hz, 960*540@60Hz, 640*480@60Hz,


Video Bitrate 128Kbps~64Mbps
Pixel Clock

165MHz (max)

Audio Input Standard HDMI embedded audio input, 3.5mm analog, Mic in, Line in
Audio Encoding Format

G.711u, AAC

Compression Profile BaseLine, Main, High
Control Method

Web UI



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4K H.265 HDMI Encoder
4K H.265 HDMI Encoder
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