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DDMALL AGS-P-100-4K UHD Multi-Window Processor for Image Quad-View Display

DDMALL AGS-P-100-4K UHD Multi-Window Processor for Image Quad-View Display


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Pure FPGA Hardware Technology: Rack-Mountable metal chassis for easy setup; FGPA algorithm technology secures impage processing reliability. 

UHD Input Interfaces for 4K Resolution: 1*4K HDMI input, 4*DVI-I input(DVI/HDMI and VGA compatible, support 4*DVI & 4*VGA synchronized input), 1*4K/2K HDMI output. 

Multiple Windowing Modes: Like 4K-UHD full-screen display, HD quad-view, picture-in-picture display etc. The windowing presets are customizable to save for fast recall. 

More Features: Window resizing, positioning, panning, zooming, overlap, input source group management, RS232, panel control, IR remote control. 

Note: the titled price is only for reference. Please send us your requirements and we will quote prices based on your needs. 

The AGS-P-100-4K is a powerful 4K ultra HD multi-window processor that enables the simultaneous display of up to four 4K images from different sources on one screen in 4K resolution. It features an integrated architecture in a standard 1U rack-mount chassis. It is capable of flexibly handling video splitting, roaming, and overlay display. The video processor is ideal for applications such as military, command, medical, and video conferences that require display of critical quality graphics and video content from multiple sources. The multi-viewer supports 1 channel of 4K HDMI input, 4 channels of DVI-I inputs (DVI/HDMI, VGA input compatible), and 1 channel of 4K HDMI output. It automatically matches all kinds of 4K LCD videowalls, delivering your image contents in crystal clear quality. At the same time, it allows full screen display and multi-window display, supporting four 2K video sources simultaneous display, or one 4K source & two 2K video sources multi-window display or picture-in-picture view with window resizing and positioning allowed. 

① 4 channels of 2K DVI-I input, compatible with DVI/HDMI, VGA input. Allows simultaneous connection of 4 channels DVI/HDMI inputs and 4 channels VGA inputs, input resolution up to 1920x1200@60Hz.

② 1 channel of 4K HDMI input, HDMI 1.4a standard, input resolution up to 3840x2160@30Hz, support down scaling to be compatible with 2K input.

③ 1 channel of 4K HDMI output, HDMI 1.4a standard, output resolution up to 3840x2160@30Hz, support down scaling to be compatible with 2K output.

④ 1 channel of RS232 control port.

⑤ Power interface

⑥ Front panel for one-click recall of saved windowing display scenes.

⑦ IR reception for receiving control signal commands from IR remote. 

Crystal Clear 4K Quality, Display Detail & Realism

Support ultra-high-definition 4Kx2K point-to-point display in HDMI 1.4a format. The multi-window processor routes 4K ultra HD images to 4K ultra HD display without compression and loss, enabling image contents displayed in more vivid detail and complete color accuracy. It is downward compatible with various conventional high-definition digital inputs.


Samller Window Overlay on Full-Screen 4K-UHD Dynamic Image Capability 

The AGS-P-100-4K not only supports 4K video full screen display, but also allows high-definition images overlay display on the full screen of 4K dynamic image. Users can also process adjustments for PIP brightness, color, phase, step size, and location, greatly facilitating users’ deployment of the whole system. 

Selectable Display Scene Presets

To quickly recall different video windowing display scenes for 4K display screen/canvas, the AGS-P-100-4K offers five standard conventional windowing templates, so users can conveniently recall the built-in display scenes through an IR remote. The windowing modes consists of 4K full screen, 1080P quad-view, 1*4K larger-2*1080P smaller, 1*larger 1080P-3*smaller 1080p, and 1*4K full screen-2*1080P PIP smaller. Beyond that, a professional scene setting software is in place to meet users’ diverse custom requirements for multi-window display.

Window Transition Effect Adjustment

Support radar image transparency overlay technology and window transparency functions. It is suitable for processing sources displayed in inset PIP windows on full screen dynamic 4K*2K smaller window high-definition image, supporting 50% and 100% image transparency proportion adjustment.

Text Overlay for Source Labeling

Each video window can be designated with a custom OSD label. The default OSD presets selectable color identifiers for better labeling different signal sources. Users can also add custom labels to appear at any location on the screen, making it easier to manage the whole video system.

Recall of Pre-Saved Settings with One Click

The AGS-P-100-4K supports frequently used configurations to be saved and recalled. Multiple display scene configurations can be saved simultaneously, such as 4K full-screen display, 2K quad-view, and 4K full-screen with 2K PIP etc. Users can quickly recall the scene data with one click using the front panel control or infrared remote control for seamless scene switching.

User-Friendly Control

The device settings and operations of the AGS-P-100-4K are embedded in its menu functions for convenient operation through auxiliary infrared remote control. It is as easy as controlling a TV. Through the menu functions, users can quickly recall the 5 conventional windowing scenes, as well as directly process signal selection, resolution configuration, phase adjustment, step size adjustment, and location adjustment etc. It greatly facilitates users’ deployment of the video system.


General Parameters 

 HDMI Video Input 

 Number/Signal Type 1*4K digital HDMI type-A Female Connector (not support analog signal)
Horizontal Frequency  31kHz-100kHz 
Vertical Frequency  24Hz-85Hz 
Resolution  Max. 3840*2160p@30Hz, support down scaling for 2K input like 1920x1200, 1920x1080 720p etc. 
HDMI Standard  HDMI 1.4a 

 DVI Video Input 

Number/Signal Type  4*digital DVI-I
Horizongtal Frequency  50kHz-100kHz
Vertical Frequency 50Hz-85Hz 
Resolution  Max 1920x1200@60Hz, support down scaling for 2k HD input like 1080p, 1080i, 720p etc. 
DVI Standard  DVI 1.0

 HDMI Video Output 

Number/Signal Type  1*digital 4K HDMI type-A female connector 
Horizontal Frequency  31kHz-100kHz 
Vertical Frequency  24Hz-85Hz 
Resolution  Max 3840*2160@30Hz, support down scaling for 2K output like 1080p, 1080i, 720p etc. 
HDMI Standard  HDMI 1.4a 
Video Switching Interval Max 200ns 
High Data Rate  4.95Gbps (1.65Gbps/color) 
Max Pixel Clock  48-165M 
Digital Sampling  24-bit sampling, 8-bit/color; 165MHz standard 
 Serial Control  RS-232 (9-pin D connector )
Pannel Control  Pannel buttons 
IR Control  infrared remote control 
Work Temperature -15-65 Celsius degree 
MTBF  more than 30,000hours 
Work Humidity  15-85%
Noise Level  Max. 45dB
Power Supply  100-240V AC, 50/60Hz 
Power Consumption 50-140W(comsumption varies according to configuration)
Chassis Size  Standard 1U metal housing 43x16.8x6.5cm
Product Weight  2.2kgs

 More Styles 

Style  AGS-P-100-4K  AGS-P2-100-4K
Input Connector


4*DVI-I(DVI/HDMI, VGA compatible)

4*4K HDMI 
Output Connector  1*4K HDMI  1*4K HDMI 
4K HDMI Input Resolution  Max. 3840x2160@30Hz, support down scaling  Max. 3840x2160@30Hz, support down scaling 
DVI Input Resolution  Max. 1920x1200@60Hz, support down scaling  /
HDMI Output Resolution  Max. 3840x2160@30Hz, support down scaling  Max. 3840x2160@30Hz, support down scaling 
Windowing Modes  4K full-screen; 2K quad-view; 4K*2K PIP display  4K full-screen; 4K quad-view; 4K*4K PIP display 
HDMI/DVI Standard  HDMI 1.4a, DVI 1.0 HDMI 1.4a 
Control Methods RS232; panel; IR remote RS232; panel; IR remote

[Purchase reminder]

For diffenerent application scenarios, almost DDMALL display processors need to be customized based on customer’s requirements. We would recommend you to contact us and tell us your using scenario or required technical parameters before order. 

Meanwhile, technical background is a must to perform test and commissiong of DDMALL display processors. If you are not technical enough, we will recommend you to check in with us. Professional technical guide and free training will be offered to tackle the problems occured in your processing.

In the future, DDMALL will recruit a oversea expert team focusing on technical support and field installation services in local markets. If you are a technical stuff, who are willing to accept technical training for DDMALL products and are dedicated to provide professional technical service in your market, please contact us.

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DDMALL AGS-P-100-4K UHD Multi-Window Processor for Image Quad-View Display
DDMALL AGS-P-100-4K UHD Multi-Window Processor for Image Quad-View Display
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