HD-OPT Fiber Optic Matrix

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Quick Overview:HD-OPT series fiber optical matrix has extremely high system scalabity and fexilibility. It adpots FPGA pure hardware card-insert modular design, supporting arbitrary matrix switching and remote transmission of multi-channel optical signals input and output. It can satisfy various application requirements to realize matrix switching from 8*8, 16*16, 40*40, 144*144 to 288*288 and 576*576. In the help of DDMALL fiber optic transmitter, it can freely switch and long-distance transmit AV signals such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, CVBS, KVM, Audio etc. beyond this, the transmission distance can exceed 20km or more by securing the signal reducibility, real-time and safety in the complex electromagnetic environment and natural environment. It is a delightful choice for the audio-visual applications, which require signal no delay, high security in strong electromagnetic and acid or alkali environments.

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For diffenerent application scenarios, almost DDMALL display processors need to be customized based on customer’s requirements. So, we would recommend you to contact us before you place an order to tell us your using scenario or required technical parameters. We will provide style recommendation, calculate cost and quote reasonal prices regarding these information.

Meanwhile, technical background is a must for those stuff or engineers dealing with DDMALL display processors. If you are not technical enough to process install and debugging, we will recommend you to check in with us when you make a purchase. We would be pleased to provide you with professional technical guide and free training if possible to tackle the problems occured in your processing.

In the future, DDMALL will recruit and build an expert team focusing on after-sale technical support and install services in many countries in case most customers access to DDMALL’s technical service in their local markets. If you are a technical stuff, who are willing to accept technical training for DDMALL products and are dedicated to provide professional technical service in your local market, please contact us.

FPGA Moduler Design, Flexible System scalability

Leveragiing the FPGA pure hardware card-insert modular design, it supports hot swap. Users can expand the system by purchasing fiber matrix cards seperately, which is extremely flexible and saves total cost of ownership.

Various Chassises Available, Satisfy Different Requirement

HD-OPT fiber optic matrix provides multiple rack chassises structure such as 1.5U, 3U, 8U, 12U, 24U etc. regarding different input and output channel requirements. It can meet up to matrix switching needs of 16*16, 40*40, 144*144, 288*288, 576*576. Users can choose the chassis structure and optical matric card slot quantity regarding their actual application requirement and system scalability plan for the future.

Single-Mode Optical Fiber, Transmission Distance Exceeds 20km

HD-OPT series optical fiber matrix performs complete, end-to-end remote transmission and router switching of AV signals through a single-mode optical fiber line, of which transmission distance can exceed 20km. At the same time, the AV transmission is conducted in 0 latency, high confidentiality and signal real restoration.

HD Signal Pixel-to-Pixel, Clear Stream Stransmission Without Compression

HD-OPT series fiber matrix supports pixel-to-pixel display of high-definition signals up to 1920*1200@60Hz, adopts clear stream transmission technology, supports H.264/H.265 encoding and compression technology, and restores images with high fidelity.

Say “NO” to Black Screen, 0-Latency Visual Experience

HD-OPT matrix supports signal seamless, 0-latency switching. Captivating audiences like dynamic videos are in front; there is no black screen, jitter, flicker and other phenomena during signal switching, which brings a more perfect video experience to various display terminals in the entire audio-visual system.

One-Click Call Data, Agile Data Sharing

HD-OPT matrix supports data storage and call. Users can storage various signal switching scene datas simultaneously, such as broadcasting input switching, unicast input switching etc. when they wish to call the scene, just click the buton, which is greatly agile users’ processing.

Group Function in Place, Easier Data Management

HD-OPT matrix can group input and output signals for management. Levaraging this function, users can manage their datas of mass input and output audio-visual system in a high-efficiency, flexible method.

OSD Label Customization, Direct Data Management

HD-OPT matrix supports OSD label management. Users can customize the OSD labels for different input signal sources so that they can manage datas simply and conveniently.

Audio Multiflex/De-embedding, Flexible Data Demonstration

HD-OPT matrix supports audio addition and de-embedding. In the help of DDMALL fiber optic extenders, it realize mashup trasmission and conversion of different types of video signals such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, CVSB, SDI etc. A more versatile AV data demostration will be created.

Multi-Type Optical Module, Various Application Choices

HD-OPT matrix can be used with any type of DDMALL optic fiber modules to realize mashup transmission, combination and switching of signals such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, CVBS, KVM, Audio etc. Compatible optic fiber transmitting module: HD-F02-TX, DT-20, ST-20-TX, CT-20-TX, KT-20 Compaticle optic fiber

Audio Multiflex/De-embedding, Flexible Data Demonstration

HD-OPT-150 HD-OPT-300 HD-OPT-800 HD-OPT-1200 HD-OPT-2400
1.5U standard chassis optic fiber matrix 3U standard chassis optic fiber matrix 8U standard chassis optic fiber matrix 12U standard chassis optic fiber matrix 24U standard chassis optic fiber matrix
Support 8*8 to 16*16 signal switching
Support 8*8 to 40*40 signal switching Support 8*8 to 144*144 signal switching Support 8*8 to 288*288 signal switching Support 8*8 to 576*576 signal switching
Support maximum of 2 fiber matrix cards Support maximum of 5 fiber matrix cards Support maximum of 18 fiber matrix cards Support maximum of 36 fiber matrix cards Support maximum of 72 fiber matrix cards